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5 Things You Should Know About Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia ( also known as “man boobs”) is an atypical increase in size of breast. Gynecomastia is generally thought to affect attractiveness and as a result to cause damage to self-esteem in male patients. However, “man boobs” are today easily treated through gynecomastia plastic surgery of various types, not to mention some non-operative ways possible in selected cases of victims of gynecomastia. Today, we would like to present you the matter of male breast reduction in 5 simple, accessible points.
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Why Do We Need Check Up? 3 Facts You Should Know

Most of us do not appreciate our health until we lose it. We think that if we feel fine, or we do not take medications regularly, we do not need any caution. However, to maintain our good health the doctors suggest that regular check-up is important. By getting a health check-up, any problem related to your health can be diagnosed and solved before it gets worse. Our age, health condition, lifestyle choices and family history can have an impact how often we need a health check-up. Our age, health condition, lifestyle choices and family history can have an impact how often we need a health check-up. Here are 3 facts why we should get regular check-ups..
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Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery conducted in order to change the shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty may be of purely aesthetic or medical nature – some patients just want their noses to look better while others choose this procedure to fight with breathing problems. Throughout the years, rhinoplasty gained a position as the most popular plastic surgery with thousands of patients every year deciding to have this treatment done. However, while the wonderful effects of rhinoplasty remain in the spotlight, the recovery process is being neglected. We have decided to fill this gap in the popular knowledge. Here is our quick guide to rhinoplasty recovery.
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5 Celebrities Who Had a Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty (also called nose job) is a popular plastic surgery conducted in order to reshape the patient’s nose. While a lot of rhinoplasties are performed in order to achieve aesthetic results, rhinoplasty surgery may be ordered as well due to health reasons or in order to reconstruct nose after a serious damage. Rhinoplasty is extremely popular among celebrities including actors, musicians and TV starts. We have prepared you a subjective list of 5 starts that underwent or are said to have underwent a rhinoplasty procedure.
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Bone Marrow Transplant Costs Around the World

Bone marrow transplant (hematopoietic stem cell transplantation) is a medical procedure aimed at replacing damaged stem cells with healthy ones extracted from bone marrow. Stem cells are located in bone marrow (hence the name) and are responsible for creation of blood cells. With regard to bone marrow donor there are two main types of this treatment. In the first one, called autologous stem cell transplant, the donor is patient himself. Stem cells are extracted before another treatment like chemotherapy and used later to help restore his health. Read More →


How Much Does a Crown Cost?

Crown, also called as a dental cap is a restoration technique which covers the tooth or the implant entirely. Crowns are commonly used to restore the appearance of the tooth or improve the strength of the tooth. There are several types of dental crowns including metal crowns, porcelain crowns, and ceramic crowns. Types of the crowns play an important role in determining the crown prices. Dental crowns’ cost can also change depending on the country, the skills of the dentist or the material used to make the crown.  As in the case of many other medical services the price of crowns changes from country to country according to demand, cost of insurance and human work. Popular destinations are as follows.
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Chin reduction surgery prices

How Much Does Chin Reduction Surgery Cost?

Some people are not satisfied with the way their chin looks and they want to improve its appearance. There are several surgeries related to improving the appearance of the chin such as chin augmentation, chin implant surgery or sliding genioplasty surgery. Chin reduction surgery is one of the famous procedures among them. Chin reduction surgery (reduction genioplasty), is performed to give the desired appearance to the chin by reducing its size or correcting the jaw abnormalities.

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Fat transfer surgery cost

How Much Does Fat Transfer Surgery Cost?

Every year, thousands of people opt for plastic surgeries to enhance their aesthetic appearance or correct deformities of their body parts. Autologous fat transfer, also called as fat grafting, is among popular plastic surgeries. The surgery can be performed to increase breast size, to treat wrinkles and sunken areas of the face or to give curvaceous shape for the buttocks. Fat transfer is a safe and quite tolerable surgery with a long-lasting result. But, do you know how much does it costs?

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Deviated septum surgery

How Much Does a Septoplasty Cost?

Septoplasty or septal reconstruction is a surgery which is performed to correct deviated nasal septum and allows better airflow through the nose. The nasal septum consists of a thin bone and cartilage that separates the nasal passages. If the cartilage or bone deviates in the septum, some problems might occur, such as difficulty in breathing, snoring or nasal congestion.

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