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5 Things You Should Know About PET Scan

What is a PET scan? PET scan’s name stands for Positron Emission Tomography. It is performed to find anomalies within the patient’s body and by doing so – to start an early treatment before they reach an advanced stage. Nowadays PET scan is usually paired with CT (Computed Tomography), therefore another popular name for this test is PET/CT scan. Generally, PET/CT scan is used for cancer detection. During one session, the combined results of these two devices have a higher reliability than when they are performed separately. While it is a popular and safe procedure, people might still have many questions regarding PET scan. How does PET scan preparation process look? How accurate are the PET scan results? Finally – what is the cost of PET scan? We will try to address all these questions and other matters in 5 simple steps.
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5 Common Questions About Chemotherapy Treatment

What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy procedure (chemo) is an advanced cancer treatment, in which medications are used to treat cancer. With the development of new chemo treatments, this therapy gets more and more sophisticated and destroys cancer cells with increasing precision. Chemotherapy can be used for various types of cancer, including breast cancer, lung cancer and others. However, still many patients look for information on chemotherapy in cancer specialists’ offices or on the internet. Therefore, we have prepared answers to the common questions of this topic.

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LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Time

LASIK eye surgery is a new generation of laser eye surgery, conducted by an ophthalmologist to improve the eyesight of patients and in many cases – to allow patients to resign from glasses. During LASIK eye surgery, a flap in eye’s outer layer (epithelium) is created. Later, an eye surgeon performs the laser eye treatment. Finally, as the last stage of this refractive surgery, a flap is brought back to its place. Throughout the whole eye operation, an ophthalmologist applies special drops, which moisturize the eye and soothe the pain.

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Kidney Transplant Costs Around the World

More and more people around the world suffer from kidney problems, which in extreme cases lead to kidney failure. In such a situation the only remedy is dialysis and in perspective – kidney transplant surgery. Kidney failure is a life-threatening condition, which causes a lot of trouble to patients suffering from it. Additionally, national health care systems and programs, while providing kidney transplants, are overwhelmed with requests for this surgery and therefore many people wait and sometimes die in line for kidney transplant. Read More →


Breast Augmentation Surgery – Recovery Guide

Breast augmentation (boob job) is a cosmetic surgery which aims to change the patient’s breast size. Breast enhancement may also be performed to change the shape of breasts or restore their previous volume, lost due to dramatic weight loss or medical conditions. In the surgery, patient’s own fat extracted from other body part through liposuction may be used (fat transfer breast augmentation) as well as artificial implants (silicone, saline implants). In any case, the results of a “boob job” do not appear immediately and the proper breast augmentation recovery process must be observed in order to achieve best effects possible. In this short but informative guide we will try to underline basic breast augmentation recovery tips.
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5 Things You Should Know About Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia ( also known as “man boobs”) is an atypical increase in size of breast. Gynecomastia is generally thought to affect attractiveness and as a result to cause damage to self-esteem in male patients. However, “man boobs” are today easily treated through gynecomastia plastic surgery of various types, not to mention some non-operative ways possible in selected cases of victims of gynecomastia. Today, we would like to present you the matter of male breast reduction in 5 simple, accessible points.
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Why Do We Need Check Up? 3 Facts You Should Know

Most of us do not appreciate our health until we lose it. We think that if we feel fine, or we do not take medications regularly, we do not need any caution. However, to maintain our good health the doctors suggest that regular check-up is important. By getting a health check-up, any problem related to your health can be diagnosed and solved before it gets worse. Our age, health condition, lifestyle choices and family history can have an impact how often we need a health check-up. Our age, health condition, lifestyle choices and family history can have an impact how often we need a health check-up. Here are 3 facts why we should get regular check-ups..
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Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery conducted in order to change the shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty may be of purely aesthetic or medical nature – some patients just want their noses to look better while others choose this procedure to fight with breathing problems. Throughout the years, rhinoplasty gained a position as the most popular plastic surgery with thousands of patients every year deciding to have this treatment done. However, while the wonderful effects of rhinoplasty remain in the spotlight, the recovery process is being neglected. We have decided to fill this gap in the popular knowledge. Here is our quick guide to rhinoplasty recovery.
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5 Celebrities Who Had a Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty (also called nose job) is a popular plastic surgery conducted in order to reshape the patient’s nose. While a lot of rhinoplasties are performed in order to achieve aesthetic results, rhinoplasty surgery may be ordered as well due to health reasons or in order to reconstruct nose after a serious damage. Rhinoplasty is extremely popular among celebrities including actors, musicians and TV starts. We have prepared you a subjective list of 5 starts that underwent or are said to have underwent a rhinoplasty procedure.
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