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facial hair transplant

5 Common Questions about Facial Hair Transplant

Hair transplant through Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is a quite popular hair loss treatment among men who complain about their hair loss or just aren’t happy with the thickness of their hair. The beard-growing trend developing in recent years after a long time of dominance of clean shaved celebrities found a new application for FUE hair transplant. Read More →

IVF treatment

Best Destinations for IVF Treatment

In vitro fertilization is a popular treatment for infertility. Millions of couples tried this artificial insemination procedure and could finally become parents. However, IVF treatment costs are quite high, especially if you are a citizen of a western European country.
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hair transplant abroad

Why Europeans Choose to Have Hair Transplant Abroad?

Today people struggling with hair loss may choose many hair transplant methods to fight this predicament. The most prominent modern hair transplant procedures are follicular unit transplantation (FUT method) and follicular unit extraction (FUE method). As years go by, hair loss treatments get more and more affordable but still they didn’t reach a price level where they are affordable for everybody. Therefore, many people prefer to go abroad rather than to have their hair transplant in Europe. Why increasing number of patients from Netherlands, Germany, or United Kingdom decide every year to have their hair transplant abroad? We will try to answer to this question in following article.

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Kidney transplant

5 Things You Should Know About Kidney Transplant Surgery

Kidney Transplant

Kidneys are twin organs positioned in the lower abdomen. They are crucial to proper waste utilization and disposal. However, millions of people all around the world are suffering from renal diseases like kidney infection, which may lead to kidney failure. Kidney infection symptoms include frequent urge to urinate, pain during urination or kidney pain. Other symptoms of kidney disease include fever and general abdominal pain, together with strange smell or colour of urine. All of this may end with kidney failure. Read More →


5 Things You Should Know About Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy, known also as radiotherapy, is widely used in oncology as one of the types of cancer treatment. Radiotherapy, as the name suggests, uses radiation to treat cancer. It may be paired with chemotherapy to achieve better results in cancer treatment. Though the use of radiation for cancer treatment is wide-spread and well-researched, there are still many questions surrounding it. Therefore, we have prepared this easy guide, throughout which we will try to answer some fundamental questions like: “can radiation cure cancer?, “How does radiation therapy kill cancer cells?”, “what to expect after radiation treatment?” and others. We hope that this text will help solve at least some mysteries surrounding radiation therapy.
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Brazilian Butt Lift – Recovery Guide

The basic difference between Brazilian Butt Lift and older buttocks enhancement techniques is the material used for bum implants. While in the case of older generation bum lift surgeries silicone or other artificial materials were used, Brazilian Buttock Lift utilises fat transfer to buttocks. Fat used during the BBL surgery is extracted via liposuction from other body parts, for example, abdomen and therefore other procedures like tummy tuck may be done in the same session. In this article, we will focus on Brazilian Butt Lift surgery recovery process, including recovery time and recommendations throughout this period.
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5 Popular Eye Surgeries You Should Know

As the time passes and the medical technology develops, eye surgeries gain more and more popularity. Eye specialists have at their disposal devices, which allow for quick and painless vision correction. Corrective eye surgery stopped to be an excessively expensive service, it is a popular alternative to wearing glasses or lenses. Currently, there are many types of eye surgery, including laser eye treatments. This plurality only increases the confusion of some patients, who ask: how does laser surgery work? Which laser eye surgery is the best? What is the difference between PRK and LASIK? We will try to fill this information void with our article on corrective eye surgeries.
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