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Oxygen Medical

بودابست، المجر
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Oxygen Medical Clinic was established in 2009 in Hungary as a high technological dentistry and a dermatology clinic. Oxygen medical can also be considered as one of the largest wellness and fitness center. The clinic performs Ultherapy , which is the second most popular cosmetic treatment in the US.

The clinic also specializes in crowns, bridges, aesthetic dentistry, and implantation. Oxygen Medical Center, comprised of two clinics in Budapest, has more than 500 sqm area, 17 consulting rooms, 7 dentist chairs, D-CT and experienced doctors - Most of them speaks English.

Oxygen Medical Center welcomes patients from all over the world with its qualified staff and well-equipped building. The medical center has eating facilities, swimming pool, massage area, Jacuzzi, and a fitness room. The medical center offers patients with a place to relax alongside with high quality medical and dental care.

The staff in the center speak Hungarian, German, English, French, and Swedish.


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Budapest, Árpád út 47.، بودابست، المجر

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