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Colon Cancer Treatment

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Colon cancer is a common bowel cancer type, known also as colorectal cancer. Thousands of patients around the world are diagnosed with this intestinal cancer every year and begin a cancer therapy. Some of them decide even to travel abroad to undergo treatment for colon cancer, either for the superior quality of foreign medical facilities or to spend this hard time in interesting, relaxing environment. As with other types of cancer, for example, breast cancer, lung cancer or prostate cancer, there is no standardized colon cancer treatment. Doctors decide for different measures, taking under consideration colon cancer stages, its size, and type.

Colon Cancer Treatment Candidates

To symptoms of colon cancer belong:

• Blood in one’s stool or rectal bleeding
• Irregular bowel habits
• Continuing discomfort in the abdomen
• Feeling of not emptying your bowel completely

In the case of appearance of any of these symptoms, it is advised to visit a doctor in order to establish whether they are in a fact signs of colon cancer or other medical condition. If a doctor diagnoses colorectal cancer, you will be offered a colon cancer treatment.

Am I Suitable for Colon Cancer Treatment?

Once your doctor made a colon cancer diagnosis, a colon cancer treatment suiting you will be presented. Most of the patients can undergo the treatment of cancer, the only exception being patients who because of general health situation or other medical conditions cannot risk a colorectal surgery, chemotherapy treatment or radiation therapy.

Preparing for Colon Cancer Treatment

Before starting your colon cancer treatment you need to inform your cancer specialist about all medical conditions you suffer from, as well as all medicines you take on a regular basis. In this way, potential complications may be avoided. Assuming that you will undergo a colorectal surgery of any kind, you will be asked to fast for several hours before this cancer treatment. Finally, it is suggested to abstain from blood-thinning medicines such as aspirin for a week or two before colon cancer treatment involving a cancer surgery.

How is Colon Cancer Treatment Performed?

In most of the cases, colon cancer treatment involves three major cancer procedures:
• Colorectal surgery – during which doctors attempt to maximally eradicate colon cancer by removing parts or the whole of patient’s colon and sometimes rectum. Sometimes as a result of colon cancer surgery, a stoma, for example, colostomy or ileostomy, will be created. The stoma is a permanent or temporary exit of patient’s bowels, through which waste is emptied into a special bag.
• Chemotherapy treatment – during chemotherapy, the patient receives in regular intervals a dose of drugs which aim at annihilating the colon cancer cells. Sessions of chemotherapy are short but their effects last for a long time.
• Radiation therapy – in radiation therapy, radioactive particles are injected into patient’s bloodstream (internal radiotherapy) or emitted through a special device (external radiotherapy) with a mission to destroy cancer cells.
However, the possibility of cancer surgery, the exact type of operation (classical or laparoscopic surgery) or drugs used in chemotherapy depends on a particular patient.

Colon Cancer Treatment Summary

Minimum Stay

One week for cancer surgery, few hours to one night for every cycle of chemotherapy and radiation therapy

Back to Sports

Up to the patient

Back to Work

Up to the patient

Colon Cancer Treatment Recovery

As for colon cancer surgery, the recovery may take quite a while. Up to one week, you will spend in a hospital. The pain felt after the colorectal surgery can be managed with painkillers prescribed by your doctor. Patients who had colostomy or ileostomy done will need to learn to live with stoma permanently or temporarily. The good news is, there is no strict diet for cancer patients who underwent a successful colorectal surgery. In the case of chemotherapy treatment and radiation therapy for cancer, the recovery period is a long one. Even after the last cycle, it may take months or even years for side effects to fade.

Colon Cancer Treatment Risks and Complications

Risks and complications of intestinal cancer surgery include internal or external bleeding, leaking from newly sewn intestines and infection. As for chemotherapy treatment and radiation therapy used in colon cancer treatment, the possible risks may be internal or external bleeding, seizures, problems of neurological nature as well as infertility.

Colon Cancer Treatment Side Effects

A common side effect of colorectal surgery is the necessity to temporarily or permanently live with stoma as a result of colostomy or ileostomy. However, patients quickly get used to this inconvenience and lead normal lives. More notorious side effects are caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy, including:
• Short- or long-lasting neurological problems
• Problems with memory and concentration
• General weakness
• Double vision
• Problems with body balance
and many others. However, these should not discourage us from undergoing a colon cancer treatment, since it is a life-threatening condition.

Colon Cancer Treatment Success Rates

Colon cancer treatment success rates depend on colon cancer stages as well as its type, size, and the age and health of the patient. While patients with stage 1 colon cancer have a 5-year survival rate at more than 90%, stage 4 colon cancer patients have this survival year at mere 11%. This shows how important is the colon cancer awareness. However, this does not mean that stage 4 colorectal cancer patients should give up on colon cancer treatment – hope and good psychological state is the key to a successful therapy.

Before and After Colon Cancer Treatment

Many patients with early diagnosed colon cancer live a normal, happy life after the colon cancer treatment. Some of them will need to have colostomy or ileostomy but still, it does not affect daily activities significantly once we get used to it.

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Acibadem Maslak Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey
7 reviews
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Florence Nightingale Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey
6 reviews
JCI - Joint Commission International ISO 9001:2000 - International Organization for Standardization TÜV SÜD - Technical Control Unit
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Medical Park Antalya Hospital

Antalya, Turkey
10 reviews
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Medical Park Goztepe Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey
3 reviews
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Erdem Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey
ISO 9001:2000 - International Organization for Standardization
FROM€ 4,000
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Memorial Sisli Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey
26 reviews
JCI - Joint Commission International ISO 9001:2000 - International Organization for Standardization TTB - Turkish Medical Association
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Kolan International Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey
3 reviews
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Kolan British Hospital

Nicosia, Cyprus
2 reviews
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Neolife Oncology Center

Istanbul, Turkey
JCI - Joint Commission International ISO 9001:2000 - International Organization for Standardization
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57 reviews

Colon Cancer Treatment Cost

Average Colon Cancer Treatment costs are € 4,000, based on Colon Cancer Treatment prices from 9 clinics.

Colon Cancer Treatment prices vary greatly depending on the clinic and the location. For example, Colon Cancer Treatment in Turkey is a popular option where Colon Cancer Treatment costs as low as € 4,000.

Please note that the Colon Cancer Treatment prices listed on FlyMedi are the average price for Colon Cancer Treatment procedures. Clinics may ask you to provide them with specific information about your medical condition in order to provide you a detailed cost estimate for Colon Cancer Treatment procedures. To receive a personalized Colon Cancer Treatment quote, please click HERE.

Colon Cancer Treatment FAQ

What Type of Colon Cancer Treatment Should I Choose?

You should not choose colon cancer treatment on your own. First, listen to your doctor’s opinion and if you are not sure – try to get other specialist’s opinion.

Why is Colorectal Surgery not Enough to Fight the Intestinal Cancer?

Cancer cells may not be totally eradicated after your colorectal surgery. For this reason, patients are usually given chemotherapy and radiation therapy once they recovery from colon cancer surgery.

When Will I Totally Recover from Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy?

This may take months or even years. In many patients, some side effects never pass. However, these two types of colon cancer therapy are extremely effective against cancer cells so side effects are price possible to be paid for saving one’s life.