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About The Clinic

Dental Turism Clinic is a Romanian clinic that specializes in dentistry. This dental clinic is renowned for offering high standard dentistry services for affordable prices. The most common dental procedures performed at this clinic are dental implants, veneers, crowns, dentures, braces for both adults and children. Depending on the dental plan you choose, you can be offered a free trip to any tourism resort in Romania and all your accommodation will be catered for.

Languages Spoken
  • FLYMEDI English
  • FLYMEDI French
  • FLYMEDI Spanish
  • FLYMEDI Italian
  • FLYMEDI Romanian
  • Open weekends
  • Emergency services
  • Airport Pick-up
  • Hotel Booking
  • Hotel Pick-up
  • Tours and vacation services
  • Online doctor consultation
  • Patient bathroom
  • Free Wifi
  • Public transport access
  • Phone in the room
  • Dedicated smoking areas
  • TV in the room
  • International newspapers


Your Personal Quote

Your Personal Healthcare Consultant
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Blvd. Decebal, no. 24, bl. S2A, interfon 39 Bucureşti, Romania

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