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Does Being Overweight Increase Cancer Risk?

Nowadays, when many Western countries suffer from the epidemics of overweight and obesity, and other countries follow this example, the increase in overweight-related diseases became an alarming reality. Still, many overweight people are not aware that not only their bones, joints and vascular system are at stake. If we ask an average person ‘does obesity increase cancer risk?’, the answer will be probably ‘no’. Unfortunately, we have some bad news: obesity or even being overweight does increase the cancer risk. Moreover, many common types of cancer are directly or indirectly caused by extra kilos.

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brazilian butt lift

Quick Facts about Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian Butt Lift is a type of butt lift procedure which gains more and more attention from patients, plastic surgeons, and media. This butt lift method utilises fat transfer to buttocks, therefore avoiding dangers of injecting foreign substances such as liquid silicone or butt implants into one’s body. Additionally, it offers a bum lift paired with the increase in butt size, wherever a classical butt lift involved the removal of excess skin and fat and was mostly suggested to people who underwent a drastic weight loss.

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Things You Should Know about Cancer

What is cancer? This seemingly simple question would make a lot of people think a lot once they were asked it. While, due to changing environment and ageing of societies, we meet more and more people who undergo cancer therapy, we often have no idea what is cancer, apart from the fact that it is deadly or harmful to our body. Every effort to educate about cancer causes, cancer prevention, and cancer treatment seems then a reasonable one and we will attempt to fill out information gaps in those of you who wonder a lot about cancer but are afraid to ask for basics or have a hard time looking it up online.

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thread lift

What Is a Thread Lift? – Tread Lift Facts

Thread lift or thread facelift is a new trend in facial cosmetic surgery. Traditional facelift surgery, in which patient’s skin was pulled and partially removed in order to guarantee a youthful look, was a regular face surgery with quite a long recovery period and a number of possible complications. Additionally, it was permanent so a mistake could result in long-term bad look. As opposed to this, thread lift face surgery offers shorter recovery time and a decreased possibility of complications. More than that, facial cosmetic surgery specialists constantly improve the technique and materials used in thread lift in order to bring the best effects possible.

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cancer causes

The 5 Most Common Cancer Causes

What causes cancer? There is no easy answer to this question. People leading a healthy lifestyle may get cancer while others with an unhealthy diet, smoking habit and other possible causes of cancer constantly present in their lives, may live long and happily. Cancer cause is sometimes thought to mean a ‘direct cause of cancer’. It is true to some extent for specific cancer causes but for many others, they only slightly increase the danger. Read More →

hair transplant procedure

Hair Transplant Procedure Common Questions

Hair transplant surgery has undergone a spectacular change from the last resort for patients with substantial hair loss to a common plastic surgery promising best results. This shift was made possible by developments in technology – FUT method of hair transplant is more and more often replaced by FUE method, in the same time, the FUT method itself has changed a lot as compared to previous decades. Additionally, hair transplant prices have dwindled – affordable hair transplant is no longer a dream but a reality, allowing thousands of patients every year to fight hair loss in hair transplant clinics all around the world.  Read More →

Kidney transplant

Cross-Kidney Transplant – What is it?

Cross-kidney transplant, known also as a kidney paired transplant or kidney paired donation, is a promising alternative for patients who need kidney transplantation but their donors turn up to be not suitable as a result of crossmatch testing. Instead of long search for a new donor, patients and their unmatched donors may apply as a couple to one of cross-kidney transplant programs and in quite short time find a suitable match. Read More →

breast cancer survivors

Breast Cancer Survivors among Celebrities

It seems sometimes as if only so-called ‘normal’ people have their cancer stories. With breast cancer it is the same, it would be hard for us to name any celebrities who are breast cancer survivors. Despite them participating in breast cancer awareness events, it still doesn’t cross our minds that stars as everybody else on this planet (for those of you who still ask ‘can men get breast cancer?’ – the answer is yes) have their breast cancer stories.

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bigger lips

How to Get Bigger Lips? Ways of Lip Augmentation

Bigger lips seem to be a part of what we could call a standard of beauty. So, having big lips or plump lips are thought to be more sensual and attractive to some men and women. Many women nowadays ask themselves this question: how to get bigger lips?  This question  seems to be more natural once we accept this reality.

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Bone marrow transplant procedure

Bone Marrow Transplant Overview

Bone marrow transplant procedure is often the only solution for a range of bone marrow cancers and cancers affecting the blood cells and cell development such as leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and others. The major aim of bone marrow transplant is to renew one’s blood stem cells and slow down or annihilate the bone marrow cancer. Read More →