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fear of plastic surgery

Relieve Your Anxiety Before Having a Surgery!

Many people get anxious before surgery which mostly includes hesitation and stress. Good news is that almost everyone feels the same way and you are not the only one. Every little surgery gives us the chills but plastic surgery may be quite different. Apart from worrying about the procedure itself and the pain, you also become concerned with the end result. Read More →

what happens to excess skin after weight loss

How To Get Rid of The Excess Skin After a Massive Weight Loss?

As everyone knows, considerable weight loss is a very important success for many people. Sometimes with a good-strict diet and exercise program, sometimes with the help of a cosmetic surgery, we can get rid of our accumulated fats. Apart from the positive change in look, there are also numerous benefits for our health of getting rid of demoralizing weights.If it sounds familiar to you and Read More →

vigina tightening treatment

What You Need to Know about Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is a wide term covering many types of surgeries. Some of them aim at vaginal rejuvenation, while others are conducted to repair the damage caused by illnesses. Finally, there is also a sex reassignment surgery. After all, it is an operation in which doctors construct or reconstruct one’s vagina to establish/restore its proper functions. Read More →

To-Ask List Before Your Hair Transplant

Hair transplant for women and man seems to be a standard aesthetic procedure nowadays. Everyone does it, isn’t it? This impression makes us less cautious and curious about the details. However, in order to consider hair transplant in Turkey or any other country, you shall first find answers to these fundamental questions. Read More →

The Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The gastric sleeve surgery seems like a new miracle child of medicine when it comes to fighting obesity. All over the internet, you can find reviews of gastric sleeve and excited specialists who declare that it is a great solution who have health problems related to their weight. However, is it so? Read More →