Rhinoplasty (also called nose job) is a popular plastic surgery conducted in order to reshape the patient’s nose. While a lot of rhinoplasties are performed in order to achieve aesthetic results, rhinoplasty surgery may be ordered as well due to health reasons or in order to reconstruct nose after a serious damage. Rhinoplasty is extremely popular among celebrities including actors, musicians and TV starts. We have prepared you a subjective list of 5 starts that underwent or are said to have underwent a rhinoplasty procedure.


1. Kim Kardashian’s Nose Job

While famous celebrity is known for her love for aesthetic surgeries, she herself claims that a nose job wasn’t one of them. However, numerous comparisons of her old and new photos indicate that in a fact she probably underwent a rhinoplasty surgery resulting in smoothing up and reducing the size of her nose. Some of the specialists in the field are of the same opinion, making the theory of fans and tabloids even more valid. Kim Kardashian claimed that her nose indeed looks smaller but it is the matter of cosmetics she uses. Again, years may pass before we get to know the truth.

2. Blake Lively’s Nose Job

Another celebrity attracting a lot of attention because of her alleged rhinoplasty surgery is Blake Lively, actress, the star of Gossip Girl series. Her rhinoplasty procedure was supposedly conducted around 2008 and resulted in smaller, narrower nose. While she never publicly admitted that she had a nose job, neither has she denied the speculations of media and her fans.


3. Jennifer Aniston’s Nose Job

The star of Friends and numerous movies Jennifer Aniston supposedly has had not one but two rhinoplasty surgeries. While she admits that she underwent some aesthetic procedures, she still didn’t confirm the rumours about her nose jobs being purely a matter of beauty enhancement. On the contrary, caught after the rhinoplasty procedure, she claimed that it was a necessary medical treatment in order to fix her deviated septum. Nevertheless, the public opinion doesn’t seem convinced since this is a popular explanation among celebrities.

Male Celebrities Having a Rhinoplasty

While rhinoplasty surgery is most popular among women, with no doubt males also undergo this treatment. They do so to enhance their looks or to repair the damage from past accidents. We may point at two male actors who are often considered to have undergone a nose job.

4. Ryan Gosling’s Nose Job

Ryan Gosling, one of the top Hollywood actors, for many years was thought to have purely natural look, since he didn’t change much during the years of being in the spotlight. Still, one blogger pointed out that he might have had a rhinoplasty surgery when he was younger, before his career started to speed up. Growing circle of journalists supported by some specialists in aesthetic surgery claim that he decided to have a nose job in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. As it could be expected, the author denied these allegations but his nose indeed looks smaller and smoother then it was in the times of Mickey Mouse Club. The rhinoplasty procedure seems a probably explanation.

5. Mickey Rourke’s Nose Job

In contrary to previously listed stars, Mickey Rourke admits to having a rhinoplasty surgery done. He claims that it was necessary after his nose got broken several times in the period when he was busying himself with fighting on boxing ring. His face changed significantly since his early acting career and his nose still doesn’t look like a perfect work of plastic surgeon so in this particular case we may believe that in a fact his rhinoplasty procedure was aimed purely at reducing the damage done to his face.


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