Gynecomastia ( also known as “man boobs”) is an atypical increase in size of breast. Gynecomastia is generally thought to affect attractiveness and as a result to cause damage to self-esteem in male patients. However, “man boobs” are today easily treated through gynecomastia plastic surgery of various types, not to mention some non-operative ways possible in selected cases of victims of gynecomastia. Today, we would like to present you the matter of male breast reduction in 5 simple, accessible points.

Who Decides for Gynecomastia Surgery

There exists a widespread belief that gynecomastia or “man boobs” is caused by lack of physical activity and sports and therefore – possible to correct with exercises. However, scientists don’t agree with this superstition. In many cases, gynecomastia is caused by appearance of enlarged glands and this tissue cannot be removed by any other way than gynecomastia operation, such as gynecomastia excision or liposuction. Therefore, many patients are forced to decide for cosmetic surgery due to social pressure or simply because they wish to enjoy quality time at the beach.

Male Breast Reduction Is a Popular Plastic Surgery

Many men abstain from even thinking about cosmetic surgery, even as important for self-confidence as gynecomastia plastic surgery, due to another stereotype circulating in modern society: it is not “manly” to have such a surgery. However, this mentality is changing with time and as the data from USA and UK shows, male breast reduction is on the rise. Certain taboo was broken and you don’t need to worry anymore whether your social circle will accept your decision to undergo gynecomastia procedure. Most important is your personal comfort. Therefore, many people who were troubled with question “how to get rid of gynecomastia” decide for one of various male breast reduction methods.

There are Several Types of Gynecomastia

First type of gynecomastia plastic surgery consists of various gynecomastia excisions. One of them is so-called Webster Incision and includes an incision just under the nipple. Another, called transaxillary incision, is favoured for the small scars it leaves, however, it may deem removing glandular tissue a harder task. However, there are other methods than gynecomastia excision. If the reason of gynecomastia is stubborn, excessive fat tissue, liposuction is proposed. The advantage of liposuction in treating “man boobs” is definitely small incisions (especially if the slim lipo technique is applied). However, it is not useful in the case if glandular tissue is a reason of gynecomastia. Choosing the best type of gynecomastia plastic surgery is in the hands of your specialist so choose carefully.

Recovery and Effects of Gynecomastia

As with other plastic surgeries, gynecomastia surgery requires a recovery period which last for several weeks. The time of male breast reduction recovery is dependent on the scale of the operation. However, the hardest gynecomastia procedure recovery period is thought to be around first two weeks. As for the final effects of your “man boobs surgery”, they are expected to be fully visible within first three months after the operation. Most of the patients are satisfied with the results of gynecomastia plastic surgery, especially that it reduces the possibility of man boobs recurrence if the treatment was aimed at removing glandular tissue.

Possible Complications and Side Effects of Gynecomastia Surgery

Since it is an invasive procedure, gynecomastia plastic surgery is connected to certain risks and possible complications. Patients who have gone through male breast reduction may get an infection. This risk may be largely avoided by taking showers instead of bath and taking prescribed medications regularly. There is also an issue of scars. Incisions performed during gynecomastia plastic surgery may be more or less visible. It is up to many factors, one of them being the type of male breast reduction performed (excessive gynecomastia excision will leave large scars while for example Webster Incision may leave almost no sign). Still, many people decide to take the risk and enjoy improved appearance as well as self-esteem.


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