Slim Lipo is a procedure used instead of traditional liposuction surgery. It not only does guarantee smaller scars than in the case of the traditional treatment, it also limits the recovery time. Its basic premise is the insertion of laser device through a small incision into patient’s body and liquefying of fat cells that are later sucked out through a tube. This method, though to have revolutionized the liposuction business, gains more and more attention from patients around the world. Therefore, we will introduce you to Slim Lipo in 5 simple steps.

Slim Lipo

1. What Is the Difference Between Slim Lipo and Traditional Liposuction?

While traditional liposuction does not use a laser but simply a tube to remove excessive fat tissue, Slim Lipo firstly liquefies it in order to make the procedure easier. Therefore, the tube used for suction is smaller and as a result of the incisions too. Additionally, the Slim Lipo laser makes patient’s skin smoother and better looking. Finally, due to the small size of incisions and just partial anaesthesia applied, the recovery process is quicker than in the case of liposuction.

2. What Is Better: Slim Lipo or Smart Lipo?

The main difference between these two procedures is the laser’s wavelength and the shape of device used. Smart Lipo is a slightly older technology; the device is a quite big metal wand which uses high wavelength – 1064. In the same time, Slim Lipo has a smaller device and two dedicated wavelengths (namely 924 for fat cells and 975 for skin tissue). Smart Lipo is less operational due to its size and inability of bending. Due to its high wavelength and resulting high temperature, there exists also a risk of burning tissues other than fat. Slim Lipo is specifically targeted at fat and skin tissues and the device guarantees a freedom of movement for a specialist.

3. Is Slim Lipo Dangerous?

Because of its low wavelength, Slim Lipo is a relatively safe procedure. The risk of damaging tissues other than targeted skin and fat are almost non-existent. Additionally, smaller incisions and shorter time of recovery from this type of liposuction lower the risk of complications and/or infection. Thus, we can say that Slim Lipo is really a safe procedure. The growing demand among patients also testifies for its great effects and safety.

Slim Lipo

4. What About the Scars?

Yeah, we can’t skip this one of the most important and frequent questions. Like every invasive plastic surgery, Slim Lipo does in a fact leave scars. Nevertheless, these are much smaller than in the case of traditional liposuction. Without knowing what to look for, most of the people wouldn’t even spot them.

5. Slim Lipo in Turkey – Is It a Good Idea?

Turkey isn’t just a summer resort anymore. Apart from sandy beaches and historical heritage, its bustling health tourism market attracts more and more patients from Europe and MENA region. Turkey is known for well-educated, experienced specialists who offer their services at prices incomparable to Western countries. Thus, we may be sure that our Slim Lipo will be conducted with regard for standards and high quality while being affordable even if we add the costs of transportation and accommodation. Slim Lipo is offered in many qualified, certified clinics of Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa or Antalya just to mention the most popular destinations. After that, we can spend our recovery time on sightseeing, with the splendid monuments like Aya Sofia, Blue Mosque, Galata Tower waiting for our visit.



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