Plastic surgery procedures may have many uses. As an example, some plastic surgeries help people regain their old look after illnesses or accidents. However, nowadays, most popular plastic surgery procedures are cosmetic surgeries, in which people try to correct the nature and by doing so, boost their self-confidence.

Still, many people are not sure whether plastic surgeries have the ability to increase self-esteem. This doubt often is caused by cases of botched plastic surgery procedures, often presented by celebrities who didn’t have a luck when choosing their plastic surgeons. Moreover, many patients are not aware of new, ground-breaking developments in the world of cosmetic surgery and still think that, let’s say, round silicone implants are the only possible choice when it comes to breast enhancement.

In this article, we will try to present a short list of most popular plastic surgeries, which can boost your self-confidence if you give them a try. We are sure that at least some of these cosmetic surgeries may really result in you feeling happy about your look. Let’s start.

Is Plastic Surgery Worth it?

Plastic surgery procedure is not a matter of whim, that’s for sure. As much as it can boost your self-confidence, it can also make you feel miserable if you chose a cosmetic procedure which does not fit your body type or you didn’t choose the right plastic surgeon. For this reason, better take some time for consideration – your happiness and self-esteem is at stake, after all.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you shall panic. Rather, just research as much as you can. This list of most popular plastic surgeries which can increase your self-esteem is a good start in your quest for knowledge.
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Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is always the queen among most popular plastic surgeries. Breast enhancement procedures remain on the top for many consecutive years and they are not going anywhere soon. They are known to increase self-esteem, for many women due to peer pressure or their own body image feel that their breast size shall be bigger than this given by nature.

Breast enlargement does not mean always choosing large-sized breast implants – smaller breast sizes are also available, not to mention that instead of breast implants you can choose a breast lift, which will correct the look of your breasts without (or with small) breast implants.

In breast augmentation with breast implants, plastic surgeons offer us a variety of options. As for material, there are silicone implants, including so-called gummy bear implants which are more durable than older models, as well as saline implants, which are safer but softer than silicone ones. Regarding the shape of breast implants, we can choose between classical, round implants and teardrop implants which resemble more the shape of natural breasts.

Rhinoplasty – Nose Job

nose job

Rhinoplasty, or nose job, belongs is probably the most popular plastic surgery for face. Surprisingly, the world capital of nose jobs is not Los Angeles or London but Tehran – Iranians are crazy about it! There is a direct connection between rhinoplasty and self-confidence – it is enough to read thousands of stories of people who were not satisfied with the way their noses looked and the nose job helped them enjoy their lives more.

Choosing a plastic surgery for nose is not connected with a high risk and it more often than not bring spectacular results and, therefore, increase self-esteem. This cosmetic surgery is taken by thousands of people every year – they all cannot be wrong, can they?

Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck

A tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure aiming at removal of excess fat and skin as well as tightening of abdominal muscles. It may really boost your self-confidence, especially if you suffer from ‘stubborn’ fat, which does not go away no matter how long and how strenuously you work out. This cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries among both celebrities and normal people. Tummy tuck’s effects are long-lasting, tummy tuck scars are almost invisible and hidden under underwear. It is not a matter of skilful propaganda – it is enough to check before and after photos as well as read some of the testimonies available online. If you cannot win with fat on your abdomen, a tummy tuck can be the right choice.



Not feeling happy about your look because of large amounts of fat in buttocks or abdomen which does not want to go away? Liposuction is the plastic surgery procedure you are looking for! Liposuction is known to increase self-esteem in two ways: it helps getting rid of fat in places where we don’t want it, but it also can be a part of fat transfer cosmetic surgery, in which unwanted fat is used in breast augmentation or buttocks augmentation. With liposuction, you have a greater control of where the fat is accumulating and, by reshaping your body, you can boost your self-confidence.



As the years go by, our bodies surrender to the forces of gravity. We are expected to live more than 80 years on average, but often around our 40s, we are aware that a plastic surgery on face would be a good option. For this reason, facelift belongs to the most popular plastic surgeries – it addresses the issue which affects a large part of society after a certain age. Facelift promises to help you boost your self-confidence by pulling and tightening the face on your skin, which often can be accompanied by plastic surgery on chin such as fat transfer in order to give your chins some softness and fullness they may need.

Eyelid Surgery

eyelid surgery

What has eye surgery to do with feeling happy about your look? Seemingly not much but if we look deeper, the reason becomes painfully obvious. Not everybody likes glasses, and eye surgery may relieve us from the duty of wearing them all the time. Plastic surgery for eyes is, hence, often a matter of aesthetics rather than pure necessity. Feeling happy about your look – this is the goal of many people registering for eye surgery and we cannot judge – not everybody needs to wear glasses and not everybody feels that they fit them in any way.


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