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Hair loss is a frequent problem affecting both men and women. The most common reason of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, but other causes such as trauma, various dermatologic diseases, and systemic diseases can cause baldness. Because of the importance of hair considering its role in the general appearance, hair loss can have negative effects on one’s self-esteem and emotional well-being. Therefore, it cannot be seen as a surprise to seek an effective treatment to stop hair loss.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world and is a cause for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018 which means about 1 in 6 deaths in the world is due to cancer. Meanwhile, Europe is becoming a premium destination for patients suffering from cancer or patients requiring follow-up care. Around 50% of all cancer cases are treated into remission, and the percentage is even higher for young patients.

If you have thin, lined or asymmetrical lips and want to change them with plumper and fuller ones, lip enhancement treatments can help you. You may have voluminous and symmetrical lips thanks to lip augmentation procedures such as dermal filler injections, fat injections, and lip implants and enjoy your impressive change between before and after photos after having one of it.

Christmas is just around the corner, and many of us are starting to stock up on main course meat, crackers, cakes, chocolate fudge, rum, candy canes, apple cider, etc. from Christmas markets. We want everything to be like Christmas movies, like every year.
But why not avoid all the hassle and try something different this Christmas? You probably deserve it. Maybe you don’t like the cold, and maybe you’re just looking for a special destination to enjoy with your significant other.

A dental crown, also known as a dental cap is placed over a tooth to cover the tooth to improve its appearance by restoring its shape and size to strengthen it. It is a very popular dental restoration technique which can be applied either on a dental implant or the patient’s natural tooth. The dental crown completely encircles the tooth, protecting it from further damage or decay.

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy surgery is a type of mammoplasty – a plastic surgery term designating any procedure performed in the breast area. There are several breast surgeries may differ depends on the aim. Breast augmentation is for to enhance the breast shape and size by using breast implants or performing the procedure of fat transfer without implants. Also, for ones who want to smaller breasts, there are performed breast reduction surgeries. However, breast lift surgery does not create remarkably change in your breast size or round out the upper part of your breast.

Currently, over 2.5 billion people or over 36% of the world’s population suffer from some sort of tooth decay in their permanent teeth. All adults will have dental cavities at some point in their life. Dental cavities are more common in the developed world and less common in developing countries simply because sugar consumption is higher in developed countries. Dental cavities are very common, but what do we know about preventing them? Here is a breakdown of the 8 ways to prevent tooth decay.