Health tourism becomes a new normal for many patients. Not only the number of patients looking for medical treatment abroad increases every year, but also the range of medical procedures chosen by medical tourists becomes more and more diverse. It is obvious that the primary category of medical treatment abroad is plastic surgery procedures but they ceased to be the only one a long time ago.

As the prices of plane tickets become more and more affordable, dental treatment abroad became a tempting alternative to rather expensive Western European dental clinics or to the contrary – a quality alternative to rather poorly prepared local dental clinics in countries of MENA region and others. Therefore, we have two trends in dental treatment abroad happening in the same time: First of all, there are people from the West looking for cheap dental treatment abroad while not resigning from good quality dentists. Secondly, people, especially from MENA region, choose European health tourism destinations in order to get best dental treatment abroad even if it is not the cheapest.

Turkey – Cheap and Quality Dental Treatment Abroad

Turkey made itself quite a name among medical tourism destinations. As both symbolical and geographical bridge between Europe and Asia, it receives many patients from MENA and the European Union who look for medical treatment abroad. Aside from cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation or hair transplant, Turkey has much to offer in the field of dental treatment abroad with many dental clinics waiting for foreign patients. However, it would be wrong to think that Turkey’s esteem among people looking for dentistry abroad is solely due to its geographical position. Turkey’s dental clinics offer some of the best dental treatment abroad, easily comparable with their Western counterparts. Additionally, the price is also a great incentive. As an example, the average prices of dental implants in Turkey are estimated at around 490 €.


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Germany – Top Notch Dental Clinics

Germany cannot easily compete with Turkey when it comes to dental treatment abroad costs. However, it gained quite a popularity among patients from MENA region and Africa since it offers supposedly the best dental treatment abroad. For some patients, choosing dentistry abroad is not a matter of distance or money but rather of quality. For many of them, Germany and its high-quality, well-staffed dental clinics present a perfect opportunity to get veneers or crowns done right.

Spain – Affordable and Quality Dental Treatment

Spain, though definitely a Western European country, became a hotspot for medical treatment abroad, including dentistry abroad. Dental clinics of Madrid and other large cities offer a variety of dental treatments for surprisingly affordable prices. Using dental implants as an example, Spain’s dental clinics can compete with Turkish ones, offering dental implants for a slightly higher price – around 530€. At the same time, many patients choosing Spain as the place to get dental treatment abroad, try to combine the travel with holidays next to the sea.

Hungary – Dental Tourism Star

Hungary is notorious as a capital of dental treatment abroad especially among Brits – many among top Hungarian dental clinics have succeeded in convincing the UK citizens that dentistry abroad is after all not so bad of an idea. Up to this day, Hungary has a strong position when it comes to dentistry abroad, with state-of-the-art dental clinics offering a wide range of dental procedures, including dental implants, veneers, and crowns. While dental treatment abroad costs vary drastically between, let’s say, London and Budapest in the topic of cheap dental treatment abroad both Turkey and Spain are slightly ahead of Hungary, where dental implants are offered at around 570 € on average.

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Romania – Just Buy Your Flight Ticket!

Then, there is Romania, which slowly begins to be known in the world of dentistry abroad. Romania’s dentists are serving thousands of patients every year. However, as for now, Bucharest and other cities are known rather for ‘cheap dental treatment abroad’ rather than the best dental treatment abroad. This is partly due to negative stereotypes and the fact that dental clinics there, while staffed with experienced dentists and presenting an overall high quality, are still a little behind between the titans of medical treatment abroad such as Turkey or Germany. However, we expect this situation to change really soon so don’t miss your chance if you look for dental implants costing on average even 450 €. What a deal!

Don’t Forget to Do Your Homework

Of course, searching for best dental treatment abroad or simply a more affordable dental clinic is not an easy piece of cake. It is usually connected with a little labour – you’ve got to do your homework, searching for sometimes hours and picking among the best or simply the most promoted dental clinics popping up in your browser. There are a few issues worth taking into consideration while considering a medical treatment abroad, including dentistry abroad:

  • Remember to check the price thoroughly. Some dental clinics will give a price of dental implants or crowns without mentioning other dental treatment abroad costs such as dentist’s pay, surgery, and hospital stay. It is easy then to fall into a trap, at the end of which we’ll pay more than back home.
  • Some dental procedures, including dental implants, may require more than one visit. Be sure to calculate it while thinking about dental treatment abroad prices.
  • Make sure that dentists which will take care of you have enough experience and good reviews – it is often possible to check them online.
  • It is hard to find a travel insurance for medical treatment abroad – often you will have to pay from your own pocket.
  • Researching the destinations for your dental treatment abroad, define firstly whether you are looking for best dental treatment abroad or cheap dental treatment abroad – differences in prices or slight differences in the quality of care or dental clinics may deem various locations the desired destiny for you.

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