Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

The basic difference between Brazilian Butt Lift and older buttocks enhancement techniques is the material used for bum implants. While in the case of older generation bum lift surgeries silicone or other artificial materials were used, Brazilian Buttock Lift utilises fat transfer to buttocks. Fat used during the BBL surgery is extracted via liposuction from other body parts, for example, abdomen and therefore other procedures like tummy tuck may be done in the same session. In this article, we will focus on Brazilian Butt Lift surgery recovery process, including recovery time and recommendations throughout this period.


Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Process – First Week

This is a crucial moment for Brazilian Butt Lift recovery process. Patients should avoid sitting on their buttocks, since fat tissue planted through fat transfer to buttocks remained unattached to surrounding tissues. In the state of graft after liposuction, it is especially vulnerable and direct sitting on it may cause blood shortages and therefore – necrosis. Brazilian Butt Lift patients shouldn’t worry about bruising and swelling though, for it is a natural part of the BBL recovery process. The same goes for limited bleeding from incisions. However, if any of these phenomena is getting out of hand, it is suggested to contact the specialist who performed your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Finally, Brazilian Buttock Lift patients are asked to wear a special garment which suppresses the swelling and therefore makes BBL recovery shorter.


Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery – First Two Months

Later, when the first, critical week after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery passes, we are allowed to lead more active life. Gradually, basic, not to strenuous physical activity is allowed. Somewhere around this period, the garment can be put aside but it is up to consultation with the specialist who conducted fat transfer to buttocks. Directly sitting is still unadvised, therefore donut pillow or inflatable pillow are highly recommended. After 2 or 3 weeks of Brazilian Butt Lift recovery process we may be able to come back to work. The exact time depends on the scale of liposuction and fat transfer to buttocks. The bruising and swelling should decrease significantly – if not, meet with the specialist who performed your buttocks enhancement.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Process – Final Stage

Finally, after first two months, we enter the stage of Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery process, when we wait for the final effects of buttocks enhancement to appear. In this time the previous lifestyle may be resumed – there’s no danger to fat tissue extracted through liposuction and planted in buttocks as kind of natural butt implants. We can exercise, work and sit directly on buttocks. Swelling is receding throughout this period and after few months we are able to see the final form of buttocks after the BBL surgery. Therefore, the Brazilian Butt Lift recovery process may be considered finished.

BBL Recovery – General Advices

We would like to underline some crucial points of successful Brazilian Butt Lift recovery process:

  • Especially in the first week after Brazilian Butt Lift –wear your suppressing garment
  • Pay attention to bruising, swelling and bleeding from incisions after your BBL surgery – limited is normal, excessive means complications
  • During Brazilian Butt Lift recovery process take the pills prescribed by your doctor. It will help passing through initial pain and avoiding infections
  • Avoid sitting directly on your buttocks after your buttocks enhancement – after liposuction and fat transfer to buttocks, new fat tissue is vulnerable
  • You can do sports beginning from the 2nd stage of Brazilian Butt Lift recovery time. However, start from not so strenuous activities and increase the intensity gradually.
  • When can I come back to work after BBL surgery – answer to this question depends on the type of work you do, scale of liposuction and other factors – do not forget to ask your doctor first.

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