Nowadays more and more women from all around the world turn to breast augmentation in order to restore or enhance their busts. But what are the breast augmentation benefits and breast augmentation risks? Let’s get down to the five things you need to know about breast augmentation benefits and breast augmentation risks. Visit “Average Cost of Breast Implants Around the World” for more information.

Breast Augmentation Benefits – Can it change your life?

Improved Self-esteem & Confidence

One obvious but still noteworthy benefit of breast augmentation surgery is the confidence and higher self esteem that comes with it. Your confidence dictates what you do and how you act in certain situations, so if you feel that certain aspects of your body are dragging you to a halt, breast augmentation can be a solution.

Improved Social Opportunities

Image matters. Everywhere. At work, at home, in meetings or on the street, we all strive to improve our image which in turn relates to benefit #1. Breast augmentation can lead to improved social and professional opportunities, especially when it comes to specific image-based domains such as PR, Communications and the Media.

An Improved Figure that makes you more Feminine

It’s very hard to put your finger on what makes a woman “feminine”, but a womanly figure is definitely a part of that. In the end it’s up to each woman to decide of herself what makes her feel good and what makes her feel more feminine. If you love your body, but would love it even more with a few changes, breast augmentation surgery is a good choice.

The ability to wear different clothes that actually fit

This is one of the biggest problems a woman faces in her entire life – finding clothes that can actually fit her body and compliment it. A breast augmentation procedure can eliminate any stress associated with going to the beach for example and even turn it into a very pleasurable activity. Find out more about Breast Implants in Turkey.

Improved libido and sexual satisfaction

Breast augmentation benefits are not limited only to the emotional wellbeing after surgery. Many women that have undergone breast augmentation surgery reported a surge in libido and much higher levels of sexual satisfaction. I guess feeling more attractive really pays off.

Breast Augmentation Risks – Are breast implants safe?

Breast augmentation, although simple is still a serious surgery and should be treated as such

Breast augmentation, just like any other plastic surgery procedure should not be taken lightly by the patient. Alcohol and certain anticoagulant medicine such as aspirin are strictly prohibited before going in for surgery. Smoking can also have a negative effect on the recovery period and slow the healing process so it’s strongly recommended to stop smoking at least a few weeks before surgery.

The recovery period is very important

You’ll need to take the doctor’s advice to heart and respect it fully. Any type of exercise is prohibited for the first week after surgery and after the first 2-3 weeks you can engage in mild exercise. The special bra that you will be provided with is mandatory for the success of the procedure and any actions and activities undertaken can have an effect on the breast augmentation result.

“Capsular contraction”

Capsular contraction means that the scar tissue around the implant hardened up and began to contract, affecting the contour of the breast and its softness. This is more common in cases where silicone implants are used but if you follow the recovery period instructions given to you by the doctor the chances of this happening are greatly reduced. Although sometimes painful, you will have to massage the breasts daily in order to reduce the chances of capsular contraction.

Breast implants can leak or “rupture”

In some cases breast implants, either saline or silicone may leak or rupture inside the chest pocket. If a saline implant ruptures, you will know straight away due to the breast deflating – the saline solution is harmlessly absorbed into the body. If either implant, be it silicone or saline leaks or ruptures, you will need to have them replaced.

You will need to take better care of yourself and have MRI scans periodically

Women that opt for silicone implants are recommended to take MRI scans periodically in order to ensure that the implants did not rupture or leak. Leaking or ruptured breast implants will need to be replaced – although not a life threatening condition, it could lead to other complications down the road. Silicone implants also make it harder to detect certain types of breast cancer, that’s why MRI scans are so important after undertaking a breast augmentation procedure.

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