Breast augmentation (boob job) is a cosmetic surgery which aims to change the patient’s breast size. Breast enhancement may also be performed to change the shape of breasts or restore their previous volume, lost due to dramatic weight loss or medical conditions. In the surgery, patient’s own fat extracted from other body part through liposuction may be used (fat transfer breast augmentation) as well as artificial implants (silicone, saline implants). In any case, the results of a “boob job” do not appear immediately and the proper breast augmentation recovery process must be observed in order to achieve best effects possible. In this short but informative guide we will try to underline basic breast augmentation recovery tips.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Time

It is one of the major questions: how long will recovery from breast enhancement last?  First few days after breast augmentation are of the key importance, since in this very period the risk of bleeding and other severe complications is the highest. It is necessary to rest throughout this time after breast enhancement plastic surgery and to reduce any physical activity to necessary minimum. Around 10th day after breast implants were planted it is possible to resume limited physical activities and training. When approximately 20 days passed, it is possible to increase the intensity of these activities as the incisions are mostly healed. After 40 days the final breast augmentation recovery period begins, when the final shape of breasts after breast enhancement begins to appear.


What about Work?

Of course for vast majority of people the issue of returning to work after having breast implants  is a crucial issue. Both people going to regular job as well as stay-at-home moms can resume their work after a few days. However, it shouldn’t include lifting and other strenuous physical activities. The precise time is up to the scale of breast augmentation plastic surgery as well as the patient’s health and workload – it is the best to ask the specialists who performs our breast enhancement treatment.

Breast Enlargement Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

How can we realise that our breast augmentation plastic surgery has gone wrong? We should keep track of the breast size and shape as well as bruising and swelling. Bruising and swelling is a natural result of a boob job surgery, no matter whether done by fat transfer or by artificial breast implants. However, apart from the first week both of these phenomena are expected to decrease rather than increase. We should check the shape of breasts after breast enhancement as well. Significant irregularities and asymmetry should be of our concern. If our plastic surgery has gone wrong, the sooner we contact our doctor the better and we can start a new treatment aimed at correcting the mistakes.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Dos and Don’ts

After breast enhancement plastic surgery we should follow a few basic rules in this matter. At least initially it is better to avoid baths and choose showers instead. During the boob job incisions are created and it is better to avoid sinking them in water. Additionally, in the first days patient should wear special bra or garment in order to prevent overt swelling of breasts. As with many invasive plastic surgeries, breast augmentation and incisions cut in the process may be a source of infection. Therefore, apart from avoiding baths, patients should take prescribed antibiotics regularly. The same rule is applied to painkillers, minimalizing the breast augmentation recovery pain to the level where patient may function normally even in the first days after their boob job.

The Final Shape

The most important aspect of breast enhancement is, as in the case of any plastic surgery, the look before and after. Many people are impatient to see their new breast size. However, due to bruising and swelling of breasts after inserting breast implants or fat transfer, the final effects will be visible after several months. Usually in the first month or two the breasts are one size bigger than expected and it is not a reason to worry. Breast enlargement or enhancement is after all a complicated surgery and the results will take time to appear. Only then, after months from this plastic surgery, we will be to see how our breast size changed.


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