The term ‘breast lift’ is an umbrella under which we have a wide variety of plastic surgery types. While it is true that some women may achieve the effects similar to a mild breast lift without any surgical procedure, many need the help of a surgeon in order to achieve a younger look of their breasts.

In general, breast lift surgery involves the removal of excess skin and tightening of tissues. Sometimes, a breast lift with augmentation (with implants) is recommended in order to achieve fuller, perkier breasts. Due to the diverse forms this surgery takes, we would like to answer a couple of popular questions regarding it, hoping that in this way, we will alleviate some of the common misconceptions.

gummy bear implants

1-Who Decides for a Breast Lift?

Aging is an individual process. Everybody ages at a different pace and there is a number of factors affecting the way our body looks as the years pass by. Sooner or later, women start to realize that their breasts do not look as good as they used to. Others were never quite satisfied with the perkiness of their breasts and decide to change it once the possibility appears. For both of these groups, it  seems like a good solution.
Moreover, it is not being said that only women with large breasts have to undergo this procedure. Breast lift for small breasts is a real thing, since all sizes may become saggy with time and under influence of other factors.
However, it is important to remember that the scope and aim of a the surgery differ from that of a breast augmentation. Here, the main object of focus is the shape rather than sheer size.

2-What Are the Types of Breast Lift?

To put it simply, there are two main types: with and without breast augmentation.
• Breast Lift without Implants – in it, doctors focus solely on the shape of your breasts and usually slightly decrease the size of it in order to give them a more perky look. Using techniques such as anchor-shaped incision, doughnut incision or lollipop incision, surgeons remove the excess breast and skin tissue and move the nipple upwards.
• Breast Lift with Augmentation – as the name suggests, in it, the specialists not only remove the excess fat and skin but also place implants into breasts in order to give them even perkier look. Nowadays, you can choose between silicone implants (including the newest generation, so-called ‘gummy bear implants’) and saline implants of various generations, however, nowadays there aren’t significant differences between them. Hence, it is more of a matter of preference and your doctor’s field of experience.
Apart from these two, some doctors experiment with so-called ‘laser bra lift’, in which the patient’s own skin is used to support the newly lifted breasts. However, as for now, there isn’t any data regarding the long-term breast lift before and after results.

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3-What to Choose: Breast Lift or Breast Implants Without Lift?

The decision depends on what your problem is. If you suffer from saggy breasts and your nipples point downwards rather than upwards, it may be a good option. Breast implants without lift are a good choice for women who do not have a problem with skin and tissue aging but want simply to increase the size of their breasts.

4-Breast Lift Recovery Tips

The key is to not overwork yourself, especially during the first days after the surgery. Take a week or two off work and enjoy some quality rest at home. Compression garments recommended by doctors will help you diminish the side effects such as swelling. Your drainage tubes will be removed after a few days and you will be able to come back to your normal life in a week or two, although try to avoid strenuous physical activities since they may compromise the procedure.

breast lift scars

5-Are There any Breast Lift Scars?

Breast lift scars are a real problem and the reason why many women are hesitant about this procedure. However, as we develop the new techniques of breast lift, minimal scarring becomes a norm. Hence, if you take your recovery seriously, most of the people will never realize that you had the procedure, especially, that the incision lines are safely hidden under your underwear.

6-Regarding Breast Lift Costs

Breast lift surgery costs vary between the clinics as well as the countries. Many people are surprised that it pays off more to travel to some far off destination, pay for the accommodation and have the surgery there rather than undergo it in the nearby clinic. As an example, the costs in Turkey start at just 2.300 €. Additionally, Turkish clinics more often than not offer packages including not only the procedure itself but also necessary medicines, hotel, and airport transfer. If you wonder about the details, please visit OUR SITE.


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