While the breast augmentation remains the top plastic surgery in the world for many years now, breast reduction also became sort of a trend among women around the globe. Changing perspectives on feminine beauty and decreasing breast reduction prices encourage many women to change the way they think about their breasts.

In this article, we do not want to argue whether it is better to have a breast lift or reduction. Instead, we want to point out the reasons causing women to decrease their breast size, the methods and the recovery after this process.

breast reduction methods

Breast Reduction Surgery – Why Is It Done?

There is no simple answer as to why people decide to get a breast reduction. Some women do it for aesthetic reasons – they think that their breasts aren’t very attractive due to their size and shape. Others choose comfort, after all, smaller breasts mean freer moves and less weight to carry. Additionally, we couldn’t notice that the era when only large breasts were the ideal has long passed and women feel beautiful and happy with different cup sizes.

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Breast Reduction Methods

The choice of the method of one’s breast reduction surgery depends mostly on how radical the change will be. With large size differences in breast reduction, a keyhole incision will be applied – the nipple is moved upwards and the excess skin and tissue are removed. However, if the size change is less significant, other breast reduction methods such as anchor, lollipop, or donut are applied. In them, the incision size is smaller, allowing for quicker recuperation.

Is there a Method of Breast Reduction with Minimal Scarring?

breast reduction scars

Especially with smaller changes in size and by utilizing the breast reduction methods such as ‘donut’ it is possible to ensure that almost no scars will be visible. Moreover, even the keyhole incision in most of the cases doesn’t leave any breast reduction scars in the long term. Still, there is no guarantee regarding it – everything depends on your doctor’s skills and your behavior during the breast reduction recovery. Additionally, your skin tone may make the scars more visible.

Breast Reduction and Lift – How to Achieve It?

When it comes to breast reduction, a keyhole incision ensures the best breast lift effect since the nipple is moved upwards to a new position, giving a more perky, rejuvenated look to your breasts. Additionally, while it may seem counterintuitive, some women decide for a breast reduction with implants since they are afraid that their breasts will remain saggy even after losing much of their volume. In such cases, small implants may be planted to ensure the great shape of patient’s new breasts.

Breast Reduction and Motherhood

As it is easy to predict, there is no possibility to undergo breast reduction while pregnant – anesthesia and drugs taken by you may affect the baby.
Additionally, after breast reduction, breastfeeding may become impossible for some women. Therefore, you should either accept the fact that you may be forced to feed your baby with formula or undergo the breast reduction surgery once your baby grows a little.

Breast Reduction Recovery

It should be a positive surprise to you that the breast reduction recovery is quite short. You will need maximally a week or two of a break from work and other physical activities. Additionally, you may be asked to wear a sports bra or a special suppressive garment in order to avoid excessive swelling. The dressing covering the incisions will be removed within a week or so.
The whole recovery process lasts from two to six weeks! Quite short, isn’t it? As for breast reduction scars, they will fade within the first few months from the surgery.

Breast Reduction Cost and Comfort in Turkey

As we have mentioned in the beginning, one of the factors behind the sudden popularity of the breast reduction surgery is the affordability and availability of the procedure. Nothing shows it better than the example of Turkey. Not only the breast reduction prices in Turkey start at around 2.250 € and reach 3.360 € on average, but also the quality of the procedure itself is superb and not really different from the Western clinics. International teams of specialists in clinics of Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, and other major cities know well the most popular breast reduction methods and have a lot of experience thanks to the steady stream of patients arriving here every year.
Therefore, if you think about breast reduction surgery, do not hesitate to travel to Turkey. We are sure you won’t regret.

Looking for Breast Reduction? See the list of clinics and compare prices.


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