Calf implants are one of the types of calf augmentation procedure, in which one’s calf is made look bigger with a silicone implant. Calf implants are placed usually over calf muscle.  This cosmetic surgery may serve two purposes:

  • Plastic Surgery as a Response to a Medical Condition – in some people, due to diseases or accidents, one calf becomes smaller than the other one. Calf implants may help to deal with this asymmetry.
  • Cosmetic Surgery – some people feel that their lower legs are just too thin and decide for calf implants for purely aesthetic, cosmetic reasons not related to supposed asymmetry. The demand for calf implants as a cosmetic surgery is growing in the recent years.

The positioning of calf implants may also be paired with calf liposuction to achieve an even more astonishing effect. In total, this calf surgery takes only 1 hour or so.

In this article, we would like to touch upon the topic of calf implants cost, which in many places around the world is significantly lower than one would think. Thanks to developments in means of transportation and the trend called medical tourism, clinics in destinations such as Turkey or Thailand are waiting for international patients who would like to have many plastic surgery procedures like calf implants. Before venturing into the topic of calf implants cost, however, we would like to mention the possible risks of calf implants.

Risks of Calf Implants

Calf implants are in general a safe plastic surgery. However, as with all types of medical procedures, in rare cases, a calf surgery may lead to some complications such as infection or bleeding. Additionally, the calf implants procedure may in some cases lead to the damage to the calf muscle. Still, most of the calf implants bring only positive changes in one’s appearance.

calf implant surgery

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Calf Implants Cost In Different Countries

Calf Implants Cost in the UK

While the United Kingdom can be proud of its free healthcare system, the situation is a little more dramatic when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Many citizens of the UK decide, therefore, to benefit from the booming health tourism services in order to undergo a plastic surgery abroad. The same goes for calf surgery including calf implants. Calf implants cost in the UK is estimated to be between 4.500 and 6.700€, what may seem much for many of less well-off citizens, not to mention foreigners.

Calf Implants Cost in Canada

Canada, while being a developed country, is often thought of as a slightly cheaper alternative by US citizens desperate to find more affordable ways to undergo cosmetic and plastic surgeries. For this reason, it is one of popular health tourism destinations. Calf implants cost in Canada is estimated to be 6.100€ on average, which may seem attractive for Americans, especially those living closer to the border.

Calf Implants Cost in Thailand

While Thailand is generally known for its nature and beaches, it hosts also a booming health tourism industry. Thailand is known among patients for really affordable cosmetic surgeries and the possibility of spending the recovery period in splendid surroundings. However, when it comes to calf implants, the prices in Thailand seem to not be that attractive for foreigners. The average calf implants cost in Thailand is estimated to be around 3.900€, what together with the cost of travelling there may make this price comparable with calf implant costs in the West.

Calf Implants Cost in Turkey

Turkey with its top-end clinics and well-educated as well as experienced staff became one of the capitals of medical tourism. Patients from Western Europe, the USA, and MENA region know that they can count on the high quality of plastic surgeries and other medical procedures. many of those patients come to Turkey to have their calf implants done and there is a good reason for that – not only they are guaranteed that their calf surgery will be conducted professionally but also they can save some money on it. Calf implants cost in Turkey is only 2.200€ on average so even with the price of tickets and accommodation people are better off than in their home countries.


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