Knee replacement surgery is a very popular orthopaedic surgery around the world. It can be said that around 700.000 surgeries are performed each year in U.S only. Usually, knee replacement surgery is performed to treat arthritis, meniscus tears or cartilage tears. The surgery has two main types: partial knee replacement and total knee replacement.

Whether you have already arranged an appointment to have knee replacement surgery or you are just searching for the treatment options, you should know that you are not alone. Here is a list which includes well-known faces who have had knee replacement surgery.


George W. Bush

The former U.S president George Bush had a partial knee replacement of his right knee in 2014, at age 67. After a couple weeks, he has had another partial knee replacement surgery on his left knee. He was the 43rd president of the U.S from 2001 to 2009. He is also a mountain biker and a golfer. He has had the surgery in Chicago and returned to Dallas a couple days after. His spokesman said he could able to back to his bike in a few weeks.

Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra is an American singer and actress, who was born in 1940. She is the daughter of one of the famous popular singer, Frank Sinatra. She has several recordings, but she is widely known for her hit song “These boots are made for walking”. Nancy Sinatra has had knee replacement surgery in 2015 at age 74.


Steven Tyler

The lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler has had a total knee replacement surgery in 2013, one year after having ACL reconstructions. He told that “my knee is giving out” in an interview with Rolling Stones. The surgery is performed when he was 65. After a while he started to perform on the stage and headed a solo tour.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, the American actress, is quite familiar with surgeries, including cosmetics and orthopaedics. She underwent a knee replacement surgery in 2005 at age 67, shortly after having a total hip replacement surgery. She is the daughter of Henry Fonda and well known as the queen of aerobics in the 80s. She was suffering from osteoarthritis, which causes severe knee pain. She made it on our list “Celebrities who have had knee replacement surgery”.

Michael Douglas

The leading actor of Fatal Attraction, Michael Douglas is also one of the famous names that underwent a total knee replacement surgery. He hurt his knee while he was skiing. The star says that he has had the surgery to keep boys away from his teenage daughter in a humoristic way. He has two children. After the surgery, he reveals that his wife helped him in the recovery phase.

Finding a knee replacement surgery clinic

The knee is one of the crucial parts of our body. It is the largest joint in the body and when it is severely damaged, our daily life becomes intolerable. We become incapable of simple activities such as sitting, walking or climbing the stairs. Neglecting a knee problem might not be a good idea. If you suffering from knee problems and seeking a treatment, you can reach 20 clinics performing knee replacement on Flymedi and get a free quote easily. If you need any further information you can always reach our care team throughout our website.


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