Chin Reduction – What Is It?

Chin reduction is a cosmetic surgery designed to reduce a prominent chin to a more balanced and natural position. Also called reduction mentoplasty, the procedure is done by making a small surgical cut under the chin and removing the excess bone in it. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and general anesthesia, which takes approximately one to two hours depending on the complexity of the surgery.

Chin Reduction vs. Chin Augmentation

Both are chin surgeries performed to create a more balanced look of the jaw and provide a natural face contour that is in harmony with the whole face. However, both of these genioplasty procedures are done for different purposes. Chin reduction surgery is performed to reduce the prominence (length and size) of the chin whereas chin augmentation surgery is performed to enhance the size or the length of the chin to help balance the facial features. Also called chin enhancement surgery,  chin augmentation procedure can be done by both chin implant or dermal filler. Both of the surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and none of them require hospitalization. Chin augmentation recovery time is the same with the chin reduction recovery time, which is generally two to three weeks.

Chin Reduction Surgery

Rhinoplasty with Chin Reduction – Is It Possible?

Chin reduction and nose job? Yes, these two surgeries can be combined. Because the nose and the chin should be in a harmony with each other to have a more balanced face contour. However, if you have a large jaw, your plastic surgeon can avoid making your nose small to fit your chin without needing to perform a chin surgery (genioplasty). Or if you have a small jaw, your cosmetic surgeon can also make your nose smaller to balance it with the shape of your jaw. However, whether you should have a chin surgery with rhinoplasty or not depends on your facial features and your surgeon’s decision.

Chin Reduction Cost

The cost of chin reduction surgery varies from patient to patient because each patient’s expectation is different. Chin surgery costs can also vary widely depending on some other factors. Your surgeon’s fee is an important factor in determining the price. It is greatly based on his or her experience and reputability. The geographic location of the hospital, hospital’s fees, transportation expenses can also increase the price. Most health insurance does not cover chin reduction surgery cost but many cosmetic surgeons offer financing plans for his or her patients. There are so many clinics around the world and each clinic has its own prices. Don’t worry, you can easily list and compare prices from different clinics all around the world! Click below to get a free quote.

Chin Reduction Before and After

It is essential to follow your doctor’s directions before and after chin reduction. It is generally recommended to stop smoking and taking analgesics such as ibuprofen and aspirin at least 3 weeks before the surgery. Wearing a chin support garment, avoiding vigorous sports and having a healthy diet for at least two weeks is essential after chin reduction surgery. Chin reduction results are remarkable, however, it may take 6 to up to 12 weeks to have your final result.

Chin Reduction Reviews: “So happy with the results”

My whole life I was very insecure about my prominent and large chin. I always desired a more balanced face contour and a more feminine chin. I also had a limited budget. So, I was very concerned about choosing an affordable plastic surgeon who can meet my aesthetic expectations. After months of research and consultations, I finally decided have chin reduction in Istanbul, Turkey. I had my surgery at a private hospital on the Asian side of Istanbul. My surgeon was very professional and the medical staff was very helpful. And the price that I paid for my surgery didn’t go over my budget and was very cheap in comparison to the prices in other European countries. Now I am so happy with the results, it is totally worth it!

Christine Peirson, London, UK


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