Dental implants became a standard dental treatment in recent years, with many dental clinics advising them to their customers. Getting a dental implant within just a few years gained massive popularity and is not perceived anymore as a very expensive or radical dental surgery.

However, many people still do not have enough information to undergo a tooth implant procedure. They often do not know how does a dental implant work or how does a ‘dentures vs implants’ comparison look like. They get lost in dental implant types and have a hard time learning dental implant prices.

This article is focused on dental implants in order to make the operation seem more familiar to patients who never experienced the dental implant procedure.

dental implants

How Does a Dental Implant Work?

Dental implant (or simply a tooth implant) is made of titanium. The lower part of dental implant reminds a screw and is placed instead of a plucked tooth root. Dental implants serve as a platform, to which dentists attach a dental crown made of porcelain or zirconia. Tooth implant procedure is a safe dental treatment, offering an effect closely resembling natural teeth.

Properly conducted tooth implant procedure guarantees years of satisfaction and good oral cavity health, since titanium, zirconia and porcelain do not affect remaining teeth and do not enter into any dangerous chemical reactions.

dental implants
dental implant procedure

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implant procedure has usually two stages. In the first stage of the tooth implant process, the doctor installs the dental implant itself into one’s jawbone. Dental implant surgery is usually conducted under a local anaesthesia, though some patients (especially children and people with a severe phobia) may require a general anaesthesia.

In the second stage, the doctor attaches a dental crown onto the dental implant. With this, the dental implant procedure is finished and you are free to go home.

As for the time between the two parts of the dental implant surgery, it depends on your doctor and the material used to create a dental crown. Some dental crowns require a few months since they are usually shipped from specialised facilities. Additionally, the operation site needs to heal. However, some materials such as CEREC allow patients to get a dental implant in one day without a second visit. This way of getting a dental implant is especially practical for people who work a lot and cannot spare time to visit a dental clinic twice in the same week.

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Dentures vs Implants

When it comes to choosing which one is the best in the ‘dentures vs implants’ battle, there is no easy answer. Dentures may be a good solution for people with many missing teeth and weakened jawbone which may not be able to support a dental implant placed into it. Additionally, dentures are cheaper though their life is two times shorter than that of tooth implants (12 vs 25 years).

Surprisingly, sometimes instead of ‘dentures vs implants’, we can say ‘dentures and implants’ for a few implants may be used as a support for partial dentures.

Dental implant procedure results in long-lasting, stable, natural feeling and natural looking teeth but is more expensive than dentures, especially when more than one tooth is in the game. Still, decreasing dental implant costs lead many people to reconsider the dental implant surgery.

Are Dental Implants Painful?

Though the tooth implant procedure may be painful, the pain is blocked by local or general anaesthesia. Later on, the pain fades and patients with dental implants do not complain about pain unless something went wrong in the tooth implant process.

Types of Dental Implants

Dental implant types are related mostly to how many stages of a procedure are required to finish the tooth implant process. As for this, we’ve got one-stage and two-stage dental implant surgery. Additionally, the purpose for which the tooth implant procedure was performed is an important factor. As for this aspect, we’ve got two types of dental implants. In the first one, the dental implant surgery is performed in order to place on it a dental crown. In the other type of tooth implant procedure, the dental implant will serve as a platform for dentures.

Dental Implant Costs

As for dental implant prices, we highly recommend you to find a surgeon with experience. Dental implant surgery requires highly improved surgeon skills since during the surgery, dentist deals with living tissue, nerves and blood vessels. Therefore the cost of dental implant surgery can change depending on the dentist’s skills. Besides, since every individual’s treatment will be unique, the cost of dental implant procedure will be different according to every treatment.

There is another fact that you shouldn’t forget; dental tourism. Dental tourism allows patients to have dental implant surgery in another country for more affordable prices. The reasons are simple. Not every country has high labor cost, expensive laboratory cost or highly expensive materials. So may surprise when you see outstanding clinics with skillful dentists and staff abroad offering the way cheaper prices for your dental treatment. In fact, most of the time this kind of clinics offer you a lot of services such as help with accommodation, transportation between airport and your place to stay and translation. -since they have been working with international patients all the time.
Therefore, while most of the time when you might doubt about the quality when you see cheap dental implant prices, it is not the case when you are traveling abroad to find affordable dental implant procedure. So, if you are looking for affordable prices you might one to check options in nearby countries or overseas. Here you can see some dental clinics performing dental implants.

Does insurance cover dental implant?

Some insurance companies have started to provide some coverage. Ask your insurance company and speak with your dentist about payment options or any further information.




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