Nowadays, when many Western countries suffer from the epidemics of overweight and obesity, and other countries follow this example, the increase in overweight-related diseases became an alarming reality. Still, many overweight people are not aware that not only their bones, joints and vascular system are at stake. If we ask an average person ‘does obesity increase cancer risk?’, the answer will be probably ‘no’. Unfortunately, we have some bad news: obesity or even being overweight does increase the cancer risk. Moreover, many common types of cancer are directly or indirectly caused by extra kilos.

We know that it is hard to believe and hard to process, hence we decided to prepare this short compilation of facts regarding the relations between overweight, obesity, and cancer.

About 20% of all Cancers Are Related to Body Weight

Seems shocking, isn’t it? However, it is as shocking as reality can be. According to the World Cancer Research Fund, overweight and unhealthy habits such as excessive drinking, cause up to 20% of cancer cases in the US. We would like it to be not true but the data is out in the open – you can check it if you still have doubts. While other studies show other numbers, they still remember large enough to take the problem of obesity or even overweight seriously.

The picture that American Institute for Cancer Research draws

Many Types of Cancer Are Associated with Obesity or Being Overweight

Not only many types of cancer are related to overweight or obesity but also the cancers caused by unnecessary fat are among the most common in the developed world. Among women, overweight may lead to breast cancer, cervix cancer, and uterus cancer. In men, obesity or overweight significantly increases the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. The list is longer though, it includes liver cancer, stomach cancer, oesophagus cancer, and kidney cancer.

Obviously, being overweight or obesity are not the only factors. However, they are among risk factors for those common cancers. Not caring about your weight, you may bring upon yourself a lengthy struggle for health or even life.

How Does Body Weight Affect Cancer Risk?

Does obesity increase cancer risk? As we see – definitely. However, how exactly do obesity and even overweight influence the development of cancer? There are numerous ways in which those medical conditions may support the development of cancer. Overweight people often suffer from low-level inflammation which is known as the cause of cancer. Fat tissue leads also to the destabilisation of hormone production – too high estrogen levels are known for causing cancer in women such as breast cancer or others. Moreover, obesity and overweight are thought to influence negatively the processes responsible for the growth of new body cells.

How to Avoid Overweight-related Cancer?

There is one simple way – start paying attention to your weight and avoid obesity at all cost. Sports, healthy diet, well-planned, smaller meals – all those ways shall help you leave overweight behind and welcome a new, healthier self. Resigning from some pleasures seems a logical step when your health is at stake – after all, nobody willingly will get cancer.

We acknowledge that some cases of overweight patients or even people suffering from obesity are genetically induced or caused by medicines and other medical conditions such as hormonal problems. Still, it is always better to ask your doctor for an advice – maybe there is a way of fighting with overweight caused by other factors? There is no harm in asking. Keep in mind that you do all of this in order to avoid numerous types of cancer-related to your extra kilos.

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