Eye Surgery


If you are following the news and the technological developments about the correcting the eye errors, you would see that the laser eye surgery benefits are one of the most trending subjects all over the world.

In this article, we are going to present the benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery and to try to answer the questions come to your mind about this particular operation.

Refractive surgery, also called vision correction surgery, refers to any type of eye surgery that is done to correct and improve vision by treating different vision impairments such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism or presbyopia. Refractive surgeries are generally done with two techniques, which are either reshaping the cornea with laser or implanting a lens inside the eye.

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is a surgical vision correcting procedure in which eye’s cornea is reshaped and poor vision is corrected by using extremely precise excimer laser. There are several laser eye surgery types, including LASIK, Epi-LASIK, LASEK, and PRK. LASIK is the most common laser eye surgery which has high success rates and patient satisfaction.

As the time passes and the medical technology develops, eye surgeries gain more and more popularity. Eye specialists have at their disposal devices, which allow for quick and painless vision correction. Corrective eye surgery stopped to be an excessively expensive service, it is a popular alternative to wearing glasses or lenses. Currently, there are many types of eye surgery, including laser eye treatments. This plurality only increases the confusion of some patients, who ask: how does laser surgery work? Which laser eye surgery is the best? What is the difference between PRK and LASIK? We will try to fill this information void with our article on corrective eye surgeries.

LASIK eye surgery is a new generation of laser eye surgery, conducted by an ophthalmologist to improve the eyesight of patients and in many cases – to allow patients to resign from glasses. During LASIK eye surgery, a flap in eye’s outer layer (epithelium) is created. Later, an eye surgeon performs the laser eye treatment. Finally, as the last stage of this refractive surgery, a flap is brought back to its place. Throughout the whole eye operation, an ophthalmologist applies special drops, which moisturize the eye and soothe the pain.

LASIK laser eye surgery is a type of refractive surgery performed in order to correct astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia. The procedure is quite similar to PRK and LASEK. LASIK patient satisfaction rates are very high, between 92 and 98%, with most patients never requiring contact lenses or glasses after the procedure is performed. Here is a complete list of medical centres specialized in LASIK eye surgery.

Over 28 million LASIK procedures have been performed worldwide till this day, making it one of the most popular ophthalmologic treatments among patients and eye surgeons alike. But just how much does LASIK cost per eye?