Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a plastic surgery procedure which aims to correct any disfigurations, deformities or defects of the eyelids. The procedure can also be performed for aesthetic reasons. Eyelid surgery clinics offer plenty of options and solutions for patients, regardless of the reason as to why patients desire it.

blefaroplastie1. Eyelid surgery dates back to Ancient Rome

The first known eyelid surgery was performed by Aulus Cornelius Celsus in the first century. His book, De Medicine, describes a procedure by which an incision is made into the skin in order to relax the eyelids. We don’t know exactly if the procedure was considered functional or aesthetic at the time but the technique was further developed nonetheless and in 1818 Karl Ferdinand von Grafe coined the term blepharoplasty. Karl usually performed this procedure in order to correct deformities caused by cancer in the eyelids area.

2. Who are the candidates?

Good candidates for eyelid surgery usually have bags of fat under their eyes, lines and wrinkles around the eyes region and loose skin. Most patients who opt for cosmetic eyelid surgery are around 35 or older – the skin around the eyes usually loses its elasticity around this age.

3. There are three types of eyelid surgery

Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty or transconjunctival eyelid surgery is usually performed when patients have small bags under their eyes. The incision is created inside of the lower eyelid, meaning that there will be no visible scar at the end – this makes it quite popular among men and women over 40.

Upper eyelid surgery is usually performed in order to eliminate excess skin, muscle and fat tissue from the upper eyelid region.

Double eyelid surgery is usually performed on Asian patients from all ages. Some choose to have this procedure once they’re eighteen while others may wait a bit before opting for surgery. It’s also called East Asian Blepharoplasty.

4. East Asian Blepharoplasty is a thing

East-Asian blepharoplasty is also called double eyelid surgery. This is a popular cosmetic procedure in which the skin around the eye is reshaped in such a way that the upper eyelid will have a crease – hence the name double eyelid surgery. This type of surgery is very popular among east Asian patients looking for a more Caucasian look.

5. It’s not just for women

Although women account for around 85% of all eyelid surgeries performed at any given time, men are starting to turn to blepharoplasty as well. There are multiple reasons as to why it’s becoming more popular among men. Men are simply becoming more and more conscious of their look. Of course, some men may undergo eyelid surgery for reconstructive reasons but some simply want to rejuvenate their eyes region and general facial appearance.

6. Scars are practically invisible

Recent eyelid surgery techniques made it possible to enjoy the benefits of blepharoplasty surgery without any visible scars. Surgeons usually create incisions in the natural creases of the lower and upper eyelids, which hides any scars from view. The interior of the lower eyelid can also be used as an incision point – this procedure is called transconjunctival blepharoplasty. Excess fatty tissue can be removed through this incision without leaving a visible scar.

7. It can be performed in conjunction with other procedures

There are multiple benefits from combining plastic surgery procedures. Most patients combine their eyelid surgery with a brow lift procedure, facelift surgery, neck liposuction or skin resurfacing procedures in order to achieve a better result which also lasts longer.

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