Facelift Surgery


Celebrity cosmetic surgery is one of the subjects that is constantly discussed all over the internet. Celebrities’ preferences are primarily what drives people to have plastic surgery. These preferences are the perfect examples to take into account before considering cosmetic surgery. Celebrities’ cosmetic surgery stories are stuff that reflects both positive and negative sides of the procedures.

Women were and are the primary object of focus for plastic surgeons. In recent years, some of the plastic surgeries became accepted in men. Still, it is women whose pursuit of better look and happiness are commonly accepted. Additionally, their search for rejuvenated and improved look is supported by ongoing developments in aesthetic medicine. Today, growing numbers of women may enjoy novelty techniques of plastic surgery as well as improved versions of classical procedures.

Thread lift or thread facelift is a new trend in facial cosmetic surgery. Traditional facelift surgery, in which patient’s skin was pulled and partially removed in order to guarantee a youthful look, was a regular face surgery with quite a long recovery period and a number of possible complications. Additionally, it was permanent so a mistake could result in long-term bad look. As opposed to this, thread lift face surgery offers shorter recovery time and a decreased possibility of complications. More than that, facial cosmetic surgery specialists constantly improve the technique and materials used in thread lift in order to bring the best effects possible.

Silhouette Lift or silhouette dermalift is a non-surgical face lift procedure designed to give the face a more fresh look by firming the sagging areas around brows, cheeks, jawline, chin, and neck with tightening collagen threads inserted deep under the skin through minimal incisions around hair lines. The procedure has variable names such as silhouette buttock lift, silhouette brow lift, and silhouette soft neck lift depending on the area where it is done. The lifting procedure is performed under local anesthesia in less than 40 minutes and without any hospitalisation.

Facelift surgery is also known as a rhytidectomy. This term derived from Ancient Greek roughly translates as “surgical removal of wrinkles”. Face lift surgery is usually performed in order to provide patients with a rejuvenated facial appearance. It’s one of the many ways we can “trick” the natural aging process and maintain our youthfulness. Rhytidectomy surgery is quite popular in all corners of the world, so there are plenty of facelift surgery centres available for patients.