Bigger lips seem to be a part of what we could call a standard of beauty. So, having big lips or plump lips are thought to be more sensual and attractive to some men and women. Many women nowadays ask themselves this question: how to get bigger lips?  This question  seems to be more natural once we accept this reality.

For this reason, in recent years a temporary or permanent lip augmentation is a rising trend among women all around the globe. Methods such as dermal fillers and, collagen lip injections make lips bigger and provide astonishing, near-natural effects.

In this article, we would like to introduce popular ways of lip enlargement. Women wondering how to get fuller lips shall find here all the answers as for types of lip augmentation procedures. We hope that after reading this short introduction, women will not be afraid anymore to get full lips by the way of lip augmentation.

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The Ways to Get Bigger Lips

Collagen Lip Injections

Collagen lip injections belong to the most popular lip augmentation procedures. Collagen provides for soft, big lips with a natural touch to them. But of course, beauty does not come this much easy. The handicap of collagen lip injections is they are not permanent lip injections – after a certain time, you will need to repeat the procedure. Still, collagen lip enlargement is definitely an option worth considering, especially that sometimes patients after lip augmentation procedure realise that their old lips looked better than new, full lips. With collagen lip injections such patients are able to just wait for collagen lips to come to the old shape.

Permanent Lip Fillers

As for permanent lip fillers, patients may choose between silicone and other permanent lip injections. However, nowadays permanent lip fillers are not really recommended due to the high risk of complications and deformations after lip augmentation procedures conducted in this way. There are safer methods to make lips bigger.

However, for determined patients, silicone and other permanent lip implants may be an answer to the question ‘how to get bigger lips’. Still, the presence of temporary dermal fillers and collagen lip injections, not to mention fat grafting lip augmentation and fat transfer lip enlargement creates a safer alternative.

Other Dermal Fillers

There are quite a few types of dermal fillers available at the market of lip augmentation services. Many of these lip fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, leading to full lips effect lasting for at least several months. Dermal fillers can easily make lips bigger, though they are not permanent lip fillers.

Fat Grafting Lip Enlargement

Contrary to fat transfer lip augmentation, fat grafting procedure is an answer to the question how to get bigger lips permanently. Fat grafting lip augmentation leads to permanent, natural results due to grafts maintaining the similar amount of fat in one’s new, big lips for several years.

Fat grafting and fat transfer are especially recommended by doctors as lip augmentation methods. Autologous fat transfer/grafting is a very safe way of lip enlargement since it is the tissue from patient’s own body that is used to make lips bigger. While dermal fillers and collagen lip injections are also relatively safe, they nevertheless are foreign substances which may be in rare cases a source of complications such as allergic reactions.



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