Hair transplant surgery has undergone a spectacular change from the last resort for patients with substantial hair loss to a common plastic surgery promising best results. This shift was made possible by developments in technology – FUT method of hair transplant is more and more often replaced by FUE method, in the same time, the FUT method itself has changed a lot as compared to previous decades. Additionally, hair transplant prices have dwindled – affordable hair transplant is no longer a dream but a reality, allowing thousands of patients every year to fight hair loss in hair transplant clinics all around the world.

Still, plenty of patients who secretly dream about retrieving their hair growth know close to nothing about hair transplant procedure. Is the hair transplant permanent? What are the hair transplant results? Is hair transplant average cost really that ‘affordable’?

These and many questions every now and then reappear on the internet, showing how big is the scale of confusion among potential hair transplant surgery patients.

For this reason, we have prepared a concise guide to common questions surrounding the hair transplant procedure. We hope that this article will bring some long-awaited answers for the future patients of hair transplant clinics.

Is it worth it?

With all certainty, we can answer: yes, a hair transplant surgery is totally worth it. However, as with all plastic surgeries, a lot depends on the hair transplant clinic and, more specifically, the hair transplant surgeon who is going to operate you.

To put it in other words, focusing on the quality rather than hair transplant cost, we can ensure that we get splendid hair transplant results. Choosing the best hair transplant surgeon may cost us a little but we can make sure that our hair growth will be restored in areas previously affected by hair loss. Additionally, new techniques such as FUE method promise best results especially for people with partial hair loss.

After all, thousands of people every year are positively surprised by their hair transplant results. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

Does hair transplant look natural?

Hair transplant procedure is the best way to achieve natural looking hair for it is your own hair grafts that are taken (usually from the back of your head) and planted in a new place. Unlike other techniques of covering the hair loss, hair transplant surgery does not involve the use of synthetic materials which usually look quite fake and is not a temporary solution.  With a hair transplant, permanent, totally natural results are easily achieved if you are patient enough to wait for your hair to grow.

Especially the FUE method is known for providing astonishing, natural hair transplant results for instead of larger, 5-10 hair grafts, it utilizes small, 1-4 hair grafts which can be modeled in order to resemble the old hair.

hair transplant common questions

How long does it last?

The hair transplant procedure itself does not take too long. As for FUT method, it takes approximately 3 hours for a large-scale hair transplant procedure to be performed. FUE method, due to the more precise technique of acquiring the hair grafts, may take a little longer.

Both types of hair transplant surgery have their stages in common – firstly, grafts are taken as a strip or as particular grafts. Then they are prepared, selected, and placed into the area affected by hair loss. After that, the patient is free to wait for the hair transplant results.

When my hair will grow? Hair transplant procedure growth stages

It may come as a big surprise but the first stage of your new hair growth is actually… falling off of your new hair. It happens within first weeks after the hair transplant surgery. Later on, new hair starts to appear, usually within 2 to 4 months. Nevertheless, do not be surprised that your new hair is thinner and weaker than it was – your hair will become thicker within a year or so from your hair transplant procedure. We know that waiting for your hair transplant results may be a bad experience but there is no way around it if you look for best results.

Hair transplant in Turkey – Why Turkey is so popular?

Hair transplant in Turkey is a choice for many people from Europe and MENA region due to several factors. When it comes to hair transplant, Istanbul and other big Turkish cities rank among the top destinations with hundreds of well-equipped hair transplant clinics staffed with best hair transplant surgeons. Additionally, getting a hair transplant in Turkey means usually a short plane trip, significantly shorter than, let’s say, flight to India. Finally, hair transplant cost in Turkey is an important incentive, for it is significantly lower than in other countries, especially if we have Western Europe or the USA in mind.

Hair transplant cost

Hair transplant prices can vary greatly depending on the country and the reputation of a particular hair transplant clinic. It is easy to observe that more affordable hair transplant are available in countries like Turkey, Hungary, Poland, and more exotic destinations such as India. To provide a perspective: hair transplant cost in the UK may be as high as 14.000 €, while hair transplant cost in Turkey for a similar procedure will start from 1000 €. Even including additional hair transplant costs such as a plane ticket, accommodation and others, it is pretty clear that hair transplant average cost in Turkey and other medical tourism destinations is incomparably lower than in Western Europe.

No wonder then that thousands of people come every year to get a hair transplant in Turkey. Why not having affordable hair transplant paired with impressive hair transplant results?

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