There is an unrefutable fact that dental implants are expensive. A single tooth dental implant price can change from $1500 to $7000. But in a long-term, you can consider dental implants cheaper compared to other tooth restore procedures such as dental bridges since dental implants last longer than those. A dental implant even lasts a lifetime.

The cost of dental implant varies in the dental industry because there are several important reasons behind it. While material has a huge impact on price, laboratory cost, labour cost, dentist itself and the regional differences and treatment’s difficulity can effect the prices.

An average dental implant in the USA can set you back as much as five grand. This price includes the implant, the crown, abutment and the surgery itself. In the UK dental implants cost around $4,000.

Dental implants abroad can vary in price from country to country and clinic to clinic but when all the costs are added up, you can still save up to 80% on any dental implant procedure.

Dental implants are one of the most popular procedures in dentistry today. These implants became so popular nowadays due to their reliability, good post-procedure results and relatively affordable costs. A dental implant may be the best option for dental restoration but the dental implants cost is extremely high in developed countries.

dental implant in turkey

Dental Implants in Thailand – Around $740

A common destination for patients requiring dental implants is Bangkok Thailand – Bangkok quickly became known as a premium destination for dentistry procedures due to the affordable prices and good skill of their dentists. The drawback is that Thailand is not necessarily that accessible for patients from Europe or the USA for example. On the other hand, Australians can benefit fully from Thailand’s booming dental industry.

Dental Implants in Hungary – Around $450

Hungary is a popular destination for European medical tourists and patients that require high end dental care. There are a few noticeable clinics in Budapest and the prices are quite affordable.

Dental Implants in Poland – Around $500

As any German would tell you, Poland is where you want to go for dental implants. Poland is not a cheap destination but in the same time if you add up all the expenses with accommodation and transport, you have yourself a bargain, especially if you live close to the border.

Dental Implants in Spain – Around $550

Spain is not really known for dental implants or dental care but that doesn’t mean it’s not a viable option! If you’re interested in travelling to Spain for a dental implant, it’s a pretty good idea, but only if you want to combine your treatment with a longer vacation, so you can enjoy the sights more.

Dental Implants in Mexico – Around $750

A cheap dental implants option for those living in the US, Mexico built up a whole range of clinics and hospitals that are on par with those from across the border. The country is getting a reputable dental tourism destination more and more everyday.

Dental Implants in Turkey – Around $700

Turkey has been at the forefront of dental implant procedures due to its affordable prices, highly skilled dentists, luxurious dental clinics and strategic geographical position. Patients from the Middle East and Europe come to Turkey every year to have access to accredited dental implant clinics and also to enjoy the sights in a truly unique country. Learn more about Dental Implants in Turkey

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