Septoplasty  (septal reconstruction) is a surgical procedure that is performed to correct deviated nasal septum and allows better airflow through the nose. The nasal septum consists of a thin bone and cartilage that separates the nasal passages. If the cartilage or bone deviates in the septum, some problems might occur, such as difficulty in breathing, snoring or nasal congestion.

How Does Septoplasty Procedure Work?

Some people are born with a deviated septum and can live with that without realizing it. In some cases, septum deviation might occur after an accident or an injury. Septoplasty surgery is needed when nasal comforts decrease a person’s life quality and the nose ear and throat specialist recommends it.

Septoplasty operation lasts around 1 hour. After the aneshesia is administered, the surgeon makes an incision on one side of the patient’s nose to access septum. Then the surgeon lifts up the mucous membrane to move the deviated septum into the right position. After the procedure done and the patient starts to heal, the function of the nose will be better. Patients report a %45 increase in nose functionality.


Cost of Septoplasty

Septoplasty surgery cost or deviated septum surgery cost varies depending on several reasons. The expertise of the surgeon, facility fees or geographical location of the clinics can affect the septoplasty cost. Sometimes deviated septum surgery can be combined with rhinoplasty surgery (septorhinoplasty) for cosmetic reasons, which creates a different range of cost. Since each patient’s nose is different, the operation itself will be different.

Since a rhinoplasty procedure is considered as a plastic surgery, there is no need to say that it is not covered by any health insurance (except some very rare conditions). Therefore, if you want to have a septoplasty surgery combined with a rhinoplasty, you should know that it won’t be covered by your insurance.

Another reason is health insurance. A certain percentage of the surgery expenses can be covered by health insurance in some countries in some conditions. It’s better to ask your insurance company first, then arrange your budget for the surgery according to.

In this article, we will focus on the influence of geography on septoplasty cost. Here is a list of deviated septum surgery cost around the world.
Deviated septum surgery

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Septoplasty surgery cost in the USA (starts from €3,500)

Septoplasty cost in USA changes greatly through the country. In addition, some surgeons or hospitals might accept medical insurances and some might not. Usually, insurances cover the deviated septum surgery cost if it is done to repair a medical condition. While there are many clinics offer around €3.200, the costs can go up to €17.000 in USA. There are come some states where the prices can be higher. For instance, septoplasty surgery in LA can be more expensive than other cities and states, especially in the Beverly Hills region. However, the average septoplasty costs are around €5.000 in USA.

Septoplasty surgery cost in the UK (starts from €1,600)

The price of repairing a deviated septum can vary in UK. London is the most popular destination where you can find the prices between €5.000 and €10.000 in private clinics. Generally, Septoplasty prices in UK are between €1.600 and €7.000 in other parts of the country. NHS can undertake septoplasty surgery in some cases and the operation might cost less.

Septoplasty surgery cost in Turkey (starts from €500)

Every year there are plenty of nose surgeries performed in Turkey. Septoplasty, rhinoplasty, and Septo-Rhinoplasty are popular among them. Septoplasty costs in Turkey are between €500 and €3.000. Popular private clinics are mostly located in Istanbul, İzmir and Ankara.

Septoplasty surgery cost in Poland (starts from €750)

Poland is a quite popular country among Europeans as both a medical tourism destination and a touristic destination. Septoplasty cost in Poland can be more affordable compared to nearby countries. Deviated septum surgery prices are between €750 and €3.100 in Poland.

Septoplasty surgery cost in India (starts from €340)

India has been developing and becoming a powerful destination in the east in the health tourism field. The country has been chosen by a great number of international patients since the prices are considerably cheap. Septoplasty or deviated septum surgery cost is between €340 and €1.000 in India. Patients are most likely to pay for the surgery around €600.

Which one is the best?

There are a great number of septoplasty clinics around the world and choosing one of them is not so simple. While medical tourism has become a quite popular, to get a healthcare people do not have to be restricted in their home country. But, along with these options, many questions come up. To give the right decision, it’s important to do a good research about the hospitals and clinics abroad. Then you can contact them to express your expectations and wishes, and you can choose a clinic for your medical trip.

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