Some people are not satisfied with the way their chin looks and they want to improve its appearance. There are several surgeries related to improving the appearance of the chin such as chin augmentation, chin implant surgery or sliding genioplasty surgery. Chin reduction surgery is one of the famous procedures among them. Chin reduction surgery (reduction genioplasty), is performed to give the desired appearance to the chin by reducing its size or correcting the jaw abnormalities.

Chin Reduction Cost Around the World

The cost of chin reduction surgery varies greatly depending on several reasons. First of all, every face is unique and every patient’s expectations might be different. These reasons can affect the price. Also, chin reduction cost can change depending on the clinic’s location. There are plenty of private clinics around the world and you can save a great deal of money by choosing a chin reduction surgery abroad. Let’s see how much the world’s clinics charge for chin reduction surgery.

Chin Reduction Surgery

Chin reduction surgery cost in UK (€2.500 – €5.000)

In U.K, NHS does not perform cosmetic surgeries unless it is needed for medical purposes. This rule is almost same for all other countries, as well. Thus, the costs of the procedure can be expensive in the U.K compared to Eastern Europe. Chin reduction costs in U.K are between €2.500 and €5.000.

Chin reduction surgery cost in India – (Around €900)

Every year, many patients go to India to get health care at affordable prices. Especially, patients from the USA and the U.K go to India since the treatment prices are high in their country. Chin reduction, genioplasty, costs are around €900 in India. The prices mostly include all other expenses such as surgeon’s and hospitals’ fees.

Chin reduction surgery cost in USA – (Around €1.800)

USA clinics and hospitals offer quality health care, but the prices are expensive for chin reduction surgery. The average cost of chin reduction surgery is around €1.800 in the USA, but these prices do not include other fees like anesthetists or surgeon fees. The surgeon fees are between €3.600 and €9000 in the USA. Chin reduction cost may go as high as €12.000 in some cities such as Los Angeles.

Chin reduction surgery cost in Turkey – (€800- €2.500)

Turkey has hospitals accredited by international institutions such as CIBMTR and JCI. The country is quite popular among European citizens. Chin reduction costs in Turkey are between €800 and €2.500. The prices in Turkey often include all expenditures. Also, there are some clinics offering package prices including your accommodation, flight tickets and all treatment expenses.

Chin reduction surgery in Thailand – (€2.000 – €4.000)

Thailand has become an important medical tourism destination for patients coming from overseas. Chin reduction prices are between €2.000 and €4.000. These prices include all fees such as operation and surgeon fees. There are some medical tourism companies in Thailand offering package prices for these treatments. Some of them even arrange airport transfers.

Which option is the best?

Medical tourism gives the chance to get health care for more affordable prices. Yet, you should make your choice after you feel confident about offers from hospitals and surgeons. The best way is making a consultation with the surgeon. The final decision is totally up to you. You can get personalized quote for yourself and compare the chin reduction surgery prices.


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