Every year, thousands of people opt for plastic surgeries to enhance their aesthetic appearance or correct deformities of their body parts. Autologous fat transfer, also called as fat grafting, is among popular plastic surgeries. The surgery can be performed to increase breast size, to treat wrinkles and sunken areas of the face or to give curvaceous shape for the buttocks. Fat grafting is safe and quite tolerable  with a long-lasting result. But, do you know how much does it costs?

Average prices of fat transfer surgery

Actually, talking about the average costs of fat grafting is not simple. Since the procedure is done to treat various cases, the average cost of fat grafting can change upon each person’s treatment. Depending on the patient, the amount of injected and harvested fat tissue and the type of anaesthesia can change. Also, the clinic’s location, consultation fees, and facility fees should be considered for the final price of fat grafting. There are many clinics offering you various prices around the world, however average fat transfer cost is around €867.
Fat transfer surgery cost

Fat grafting cost in the U.K

The U.K. is one of the most popular destinations for fat transfer (fat grafting). There are many popular locations around the U.K for fat transfer such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool or Glasgow. Fat transfer surgery costs in U.K generally start from €2000 and goes as high as €6500. For instance, fat transfer to breast cost in U.K. is about €6500, while fat transfer to hand costs are about €1800. These prices can change upon treated area, location, surgeon fees or other reasons.

Fat grafting cost in Turkey

Turkey has been becoming a hub for cosmetic surgeries around the world. Most popular destinations for fat grafting in Turkey are Istanbul, Antalya and Muğla. Average fat transfer cost in Turkey is €1033. The price goes higher if you want a fat transfer to your buttocks. This procedure called Brazilian butt lift and it starts from €2340 in Turkey. However, the most accurate prices can only be learned by consulting with a surgeon.

Fat grafting cost in Poland

Poland is another destination for fat transfer procedure. Clinics in Poland offer quite affordable prices. Fat transfer costs start from €440 in Poland. The prices can be higher if you want to increase the volume of your breast with this procedure since fat transfer to breast cost about €1000 in Poland. On the other hand, fat transfer surgery to treat gynecomastia in Poland costs about €1.250.

Fat transfer surgery cost varies greatly depending on the clinic’s location and other factors.  The country which you reside in might offer you more than you can afford. But, you might find more affordable prices in other countries. Please keep in mind that these prices are only average prices. To learn more detailed information about fat transfer costs, you should consult with a clinic and get a personalized quote.


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