How much does Liposuction Cost?

Liposuction procedures are becoming more and more popular worldwide and with prices ranging from 1000 EUR in Poland to 4500 EUR in the USA, we beg the question – How much does a liposuction cost? New to Plastic Surgery? Visit “Liposuction: The 10 things you need to know” for more information.

Liposuction Cost in Latvia – 1200 EUR

Latvia and the Baltic States are becoming strong players in the plastic surgery game – and for good reason! A liposuction costs just 1200 EUR in Riga and there are a few renowned medical centres to pick from. Compare that to what you would pay, on average, in the USA and you’ve got yourself a real bargain.

close up of slim woman tummy and hips in underwearLiposuction Cost in Estonia – 1300 EUR

Estonia, Latvia’s neighbour is also getting in on the action, primarily with northern and Russian patients. A liposuction in Sweden costs on average around 2200 EUR so Estonia is a good pick for Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian patients.

Liposuction Cost in Spain – 1400 EUR

Spain is a hot destination for nose jobs, with Brits flocking to the “secret” Spanish medical resorts. Considering the fact that a liposuction in the UK can set you back, on average, around 4000 EUR, Spain is an excellent choice, not to mention all the touristic sights you can enjoy.

871688-poland-wallpaperLiposuction Cost in Poland – 1000 EUR

Poland is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe for liposuction – you can have one done for just 1000 EUR and the medical clinics have extensive experience with international patients. By comparison, the liposuction cost in Germany is 2 times that of Poland.

Liposuction Cost in Romania – 1300 EUR

Romania’s medical infrastructure has improved greatly in the last few years and so did its experience with international patients. Around 40.000 people come to Romania for medical interventions ranging from plastic surgery to dentistry and considering the fact that Romania is one of the more affordable options in Europe, we can expect more growth in this sector.

Liposuction Cost in Turkey – 1600 EUR

Turkey has been a plastic surgery hub for almost 20 years now, with patients from the Middle East, Western Europe and the US flocking to Istanbul and other touristic destinations around the country. You can enjoy the warm beaches of Antalya or the calm, serene shores of the Bosphorus – the choice is yours! Find out more about Liposuction in Turkey.

Liposuction Cost in Germany – 2800 EUR

Germany is a world-renowned destination for stem cells treatment and complex surgeries but you can enjoy simpler procedures in Germany as well – a liposuction costs around 2800 EUR in Germany, which is about the European average. (You can expect the same price in France, Denmark and Slovakia).

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