As everyone knows, considerable weight loss is a very important success for many people. Sometimes with a good-strict diet and exercise program, sometimes with the help of a cosmetic surgery, we can get rid of our accumulated fats. Apart from the positive change in look, there are also numerous benefits for our health of getting rid of demoralizing weights.If it sounds familiar to you and if you lose weight massively, you are aware that this situation can cause a disturbing result: Loose skin which needs to be tightened. But it is not a big problem because there is a very good and successful solution to this common problem: Body lift surgery.

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In this article, we are going to focus on body lift surgery as a solution to the loose skin problem after a massive weight loss. Just be aware that you are not alone on this and try to catch some tips from this article.

Body Lift Surgery for Loose Skin

excess skin after weight loss

If you recently lose extreme weight by yourself or by having a liposuction surgery or have a bariatric surgery at least 2 years ago, you probably have a loose skin on your body. Body lift surgery is basically divided into 3 categories: Upper body lift surgery, lower body lift surgery and total body lift surgery. According to the loose skin density in your body, your surgeon will decide the type of your body lift surgery.

Although there are some differences in the procedure among the types, the surgeon generally collects the loose skin with the help of small incisions. This application tightens the skin and shapes the skin contour. Then he/she use stitches to close the incisions.
After the loose skin removing and stretching operation, you will certainly love the new look of your body. You are going to look slimmer and your clothes will fit better. You won’t feel uncomfortable in some places like the beach or swimming pool. And you will forget some problems like extreme sweating and rashes.

Reasons and Results of Loose Skin

what happens to excess skin after weight loss

Because the skin of overweight people is stretched over a long period of time, collagen and elastin fibers of the skin are damaged. Weight gain in these people often begins in childhood or adolescence. For that reason, the fibers have partially lost their ability to recover and tighten. When an overweight person puts on weight too much, the enlarged skin cannot get stretched by itself anymore. It seems like an empty bag. The more weight loss, the more visible the sagging of the skin.

In addition, studies have shown that weight loss surgeries (bariatric, liposuction or tummy tuck surgeries) result in fewer collagen in weight loss patients and lower collagen quality compared to flexible and healthy skin.

If you suffer from this problem you have to start searching body lift surgery to have your slim body contour back. Especially after the weight loss, you will really satisfy for the result. To see the final result may take one year but you will have an improved look during this whole period.

After Getting Rid of Loose Skin by Having Your Body Lift Surgery

After you decide to have body lift surgery and find a well-experienced surgeon, there is no need to worry about the result.
For having a comfortable recovery time, your surgeon will explain to you the caring instructions to follow. If you follow them well and attend your follow-up appointments, you will get better as soon as possible.

Here are some post-surgery tips for you:

• After your surgery, you will generally stay one or two nights in the hospital. It is very important to stay in the hospital for the health of your surgical scars against any complication.

• Taking one week off from your job will be very sufficient for your recovery. Most patients are able to return their daily routine and work in about 10 to 14 days after the body lift. It is very important to rest well and do some light activities like walking during this period.

• Having pain after the body lift operation for getting rid of your loose skin. This is normal. Basic painkillers will help you to stop it.

• You will face some swelling and bruising in your surgical areas. You will have to empty and measure your drainage fluids every day and report it to your surgeon periodically.

• Also you will need to wear your compression garments after your loose skin removal operation. Although it depends on the patient and the complexity of the surgery, you need to wear your compression garment for 1-3 weeks.

loose skin tightening

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• Most patients are able to take a shower within three days after loose skin stretching surgery. You need to be very careful to take a shower so gently. After your shower, you need immediately to redress your wounds.

• Your surgeon will not allow you to join any moderate or heavy activities for a couple of weeks. Wait in patient and have some small walks until your surgeon tells you that you may start heavy activities.

• During four or eight weeks, you will need to attend follow-up visits to your surgeon. With this visits, your surgeon can follow the healing process of your tissue and scars.

• Do not forget to take pictures of your loose skin areas after your body lift operation. Because it is the best way to monitor the improvement of your recovery.

• Finally, you will meet the new shaped form of your body that freed from the loose skin after massive weight loss. Enjoy it!

Looking for Body Lift Surgery? See the list of clinics and compare prices.


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