No makeup, natural makeup, delicate makeup – women today more and more often try to achieve a look which seems not an effect of makeup but rather of their natural beauty. This trend is inspired mostly by the pictures of celebrities without makeup, which itself takes inspiration from body positivity movement. A famous actress without makeup is a sign that you can look good without using dozens of makeup products. Still, even natural makeup is not only easy to spot, it also puts a heavy burden on your skin care – you need to struggle more to keep your skin clean and healthy.

But is there a positive answer to our main question, namely, how to look good without make up products? I am happy to announce that there are quite a few methods to achieve such a result. Make-up in any form may remain for you a matter of special occasions, let’s say wedding makeup and prom makeup. Apart from this, you can live healthy and retain or re-discover your natural beauty.

Here are the ways of how to look good:

Take Care of Your Skin

Do not neglect the skin care. Try to moisturize it if necessary and remember about skin peeling as the crucial element of your skincare routine. With clean, healthy skin, you will look much better without makeup. Apart from methods and intensity, a proper routine of skin care is also important. Wondering how to look pretty without makeup? Careful skin care is the foundation of uncovering your natural beauty.

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Use Products Beautifying your Skin, Lips, and Eyelids

Apart from regular skin care, products inducing your natural beauty are among classical beauty tips. Various creams for cheeks and eyelids, moisturizers for dry lips and others may in a long run bring comparable or better effects than your precious makeup products.

No Makeup Does Not Mean No Hair Care

Going out without makeup does not mean not caring about your hair. How your hair and body hair look affects your overall beauty in the same degree as using makeup products. Unless it is necessary, do not wash your hair too often and choose a haircut emphasizing your strong sides. If you do care about it, remember about regular trimming your body hair including eyebrows.

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While initially it may not seem so, a good deal of exercise is a good answer to the ‘how to look good without makeup’ question. When you exercise your body gets stronger and becomes healthy – healthy body means also less skin care and deems natural makeup and use of makeup products unnecessary. Sporty, fit people achieve a glowing, mesmerizing skin even without makeup – keep it in mind!

how to look good without makeup

Eat Healthy

There is nothing better for your skin care than a healthy diet, including a lot of fruits, vegetables, foods rich in healthy oils such as Omega-3. Put aside sweets and fat meat, replace it with apple and fish for dinner – your need for skin care will decrease and you will feel much more comfortable going out without makeup.


Cosmetic Surgery

Yes, we are aware that it is quite a lot of effort and not everybody has time to eat and exercise properly, not to mention time-consuming skin care practices which allow us to eliminate makeup products. Some of patients willing to resign from ‘no makeup makeup’ and other middle steps towards a natural beauty, seek the solution in the field of plastic surgery. For them, the answer to ‘how to look good without makeup products’ question lies in a variety of cosmetic surgery types. For example, lip implants may make our lips bigger and fuller, often deeming the need for lipsticks obsolete. Similarly, botox injections in lips or cheeks will make them fuller without makeup products. Some women choose even a little more radical steps such as cheek implants, assuming that constantly repeated botox is not what they need. Another cosmetic surgery often chosen by women looking for no makeup kind of beauty is a neck lift.

If you are interested in a plastic surgery as a way of living without makeup, we strongly suggest you visit this to search for plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics.


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