Prostate cancer is a serious disease which affects thousands of men every year. For this reason, people wonder whether there is any way of prostate cancer prevention instead of complicated prostate cancer treatments.

However, doctors say that there is no definite answer to ‘how to avoid prostate cancer’ question. Rather, it is possible to significantly decrease the prostate cancer risk. Why is that so? Like all cancers, prostate cancer develops from the improper reproduction of cells and may be a spontaneous action not caused by many factors. Every man carries a potential prostate cancer risk even if this risk is very small. We should try to reduce cancer risk but total prostate cancer prevention seems impossible for now.

In this article, we will show you how to avoid prostate cancer as much as possible using information regarding prostate cancer causes and prostate cancer prevention methods.

prostate cancer preventation

Eat Healthy, Eat Spicy

Specialists suggest abstaining from certain foods to prevent prostate cancer. Especially fat-rich and calcium-rich diet belongs to well-known prostate cancer causes. If you wonder how to prevent prostate cancer naturally, controlling what and how much you eat seems to be one of the best ways.

Putting emphasis on fish in your diet may also be a solution for people asking how to prevent cancer of prostate from developing in the first place. Fish include omega-3 and other healthy fats which significantly reduce cancer risk.

We wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t remind you about the importance of vegetables and fruits. As for prostate cancer prevention, your favourite ones should be tomatoes, watermelons, and other red foods. The red colour signalises that they are rich in substances which are pretty helpful in prostate cancer risk reduction.

More than that, some research suggests that popular spices such as oregano, ginger, green tea, and others may also be the part of the answer to how to prevent prostate cancer naturally.

Do Not Exaggerate with Vitamins

There are good vitamins for men, we can’t deny it. However, are all doses of vitamins and minerals really helpful when it comes to prostate cancer prevention? Sadly, larger than the necessary intake of calcium and some vitamins may have contradictory results and make us ill. Unnecessarily high consumption of calcium-rich products and supplements belong to well-known prostate cancer causes.

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Stay in Shape to Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

In the question of how to avoid prostate cancer, one simply cannot ignore the body weight and the role of healthy, full of sports lifestyle in lowering the prostate cancer risk. Overweight people are much more likely to develop prostate cancer. Lack of control over one’s weight and lack of physical activities in one’s life are therefore definitely among prostate cancer causes. Get on a bike, swim, run – all of those activities are answers to the question of how to avoid prostate cancer.

prostate cancer preventation

Pay Attention to High PSA

While high PSA (prostate-specific antigen) may suggest that something is going on with your prostate and you need treatment before the prostate cancer starts to develop, the threshold established by many institutions is too high. Some scientists believe that in men under 60, results over 2.6 should be considered as high PSA instead of traditionally accepted 4.1. 2.6-high PSA may suggest you that it is time to undergo a biopsy and get to know what’s going on with your prostate. After all, prostate cancer prevention is better than prostate cancer treatment so pay attention to this detail.

Sex & Prostate Cancer

Researchers suggest that active sexual life is an answer to the question of how to prevent prostate cancer naturally. Even masturbation significantly helps to reduce cancer risk. Having an active love life may be one of the most natural prostate cancer prevention methods.


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