More and more people around the world suffer from kidney problems, which in extreme cases lead to kidney failure. In such a situation the only remedy is dialysis and in perspective – kidney transplant surgery. Kidney failure is a life-threatening condition, which causes a lot of trouble to patients suffering from it. Additionally, national health care systems and programs, while providing kidney transplants, are overwhelmed with requests for this surgery and therefore many people wait and sometimes die in line for kidney transplant. Therefore, many patients instead of waiting in a line for kidney transplant donor prefer to have kidney transplant surgery as a private medical service. However, this proves to be quite costly in Western countries. The solution was found in health tourism. Thousands of patients with kidney failure visit foreign destinations in order to have their kidney transplant surgery done. This article is dedicated to comparison of kidney transplant costs in key health tourism destinations.

Kidney Transplant Cost in USA (approx. €243.000)

Currently there are around 90.000 people waiting for a kidney transplant surgery in USA. Kidney failure gets more and more prevalent in United States and therefore this list grows rather than shrinks. People deciding for a private kidney transplant procedure have to be prepared to pay as much as 243.00 euro (262.000$), which for many is extremely high. Kidney transplant cost doesn’t include just the kidney and operation but also pre- and post-operational care, cost of hospital stay and insurance.

Kidney Transplant Cost in India (from €9.300)

India is known for its medical specialists and relatively low prices, including kidney transplant costs. It is possible to have your kidney transplant surgery done for as low of a price as 9.300 euro. However, in case of India the flight may add a significant sum to this number; it is wise to keep it in mind when you plan to have a kidney transplant operation there.

Kidney Transplant Cost in Turkey (from €20.559)

Turkey is another popular health tourism destination. Good quality of medical services is met here by affordable prices. Kidney transplant costs also are quite low, especially having in mind that transportation as well as accommodation remains cheap due to its geographical proximity to both Europe and MENA region. Kidney transplant surgery”href=”” target=”_blank”>Kidney transplant surgery is performed for as little as 20.559 euro, but an average price settles around 31.000 euro. However, in case of Turkey it is good to keep in mind that due to local law kidney transplant donor should be a relative.


Kidney Transplant Cost in Philippines (from €11.200)

Philippines until recently wasn’t a very popular health tourism destination. However, it does change now and many patients choose this country to have medical treatment such as kidney transplant operation done. The prices are quite affordable in comparison to many other countries and for a kidney transplant surgery start from 11.200 euro. Additionally, private health care in Philippines is thought to have a high quality. We may expect that more and more patients suffering from kidney failure will choose clinics in Manila.

Kidney Transplant Cost in Pakistan (from €8.700)

Pakistan became a popular medical tourism destination recently, after India banned selling of organs. With its flexible law regarding matter of private medical services it sets prices low. Kidney transplant cost may be as low as 8.700 euro. Due to this reason, kidney transplant surgery is the most popular operation chosen by foreign patients arriving in clinics of Lahore or other big city. Pakistan enjoys popularity especially among UK citizens who do not want to wait approx. 500 days for kidney transplant procedure while on dialysis.

Kidney Transplant Cost in Germany (around €100.000)

Germany is known for the dedication to quality, no matter if in engineering or in medical services. In this country we can find top-end facilities and specialists, however, the price may be a little problematic. Kidney transplant cost in Germany is estimated to be around 100.000 euro. Therefore, it is an option for patients with kidney failure who pay attention to quality rather than a bill when it comes to kidney transplant operation.


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