Knee replacement surgery is one of the most popular joint replacement orthopaedic procedures in the world, with over 719.000 patients turning to it in 2014 in the USA alone. The average total knee replacement will set you back a hefty 50.000 USD (45.000 EUR) in the USA. This price includes and depends on the number of days spent in hospital, the type of implant used, the total time spend in the operating room and certain pre-existing conditions which can make your hospital stay even more expensive. Here you can learn more about Knee Replacement Surgery and the difference between a Total Knee Replacement and a Partial Knee Replacement. With this price in mind, we’ve set out to see how much European hospitals charge for their services.

knee replacement cost around the worldKnee replacement cost in the UK – 11.500 EUR

A knee replacement in the UK can set you back around 12.000 EUR but NHS patients generally benefit from a generous discount. Even though the procedure is less expensive than in the US, other viable options in Europe remain.

Knee replacement cost in Ireland – 17.000 EUR

A knee replacement in Ireland is surprisingly more expensive than one performed in the UK, at around 17.000 EUR. The price depends on the type of implant used and other details but considering the fact that revisions are generally quite complicated to perform, it’s well worth investing in a titanium-ceramic implant as opposed to a cheaper cobalt implant.

Knee replacement cost in Poland – 4.800 EUR

Poland is becoming a reliable medical tourism destination, especially for German and Scandinavian patients. A knee replacement in Poland will set you back just 4.800 EUR, slightly less than half of what you would pay for the same procedure in the UK, for example.

Knee replacement cost in Germany & France – 11.500 EUR

Medical facilities in both Germany and France are world renowned for their excellence, but it comes at a price – A knee replacement in Paris or Berlin will set you back around 11.500 EUR. Both Germany and France can boast with some of the best medical universities in Europe and their efforts in the field of medical research are unparallel – these are a few of the reasons as to why they are such popular medical tourism destinations.

Knee replacement cost in Turkey – 4.200 EUR

A knee replacement in Turkey can set you back as little as 4.200 EUR. Turkey has been continuously improving its medical infrastructure and many doctors who were trained abroad are returning to Turkey and contributing to the medical tourism boom there. Some of the most advanced clinics in Turkey are located in Ankara and Istanbul, so it’s definitely worthwhile to take a look at what Turkey can provide to international patients. Find knee replacement clinics in Turkey.

Knee replacement cost in Lithuania – 5.900 EUR

Lithuania is one of the most affordable destinations for just about any type of surgery. Being so close to Russia, Lithuania quickly became a favourite Russian destination for plastic surgery, orthopaedics and dentistry. Investments in the private healthcare sector turned Kaunas and Vilnius into trustworthy destinations for many Europeans seeking healthcare services abroad.

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