LASIK eye surgery is a procedure in which a special laser is utilised to correct the shape of your cornea. Apparently, after a successful LASIK eye surgery procedure, you do not need glasses or lenses anymore. Seems perfect, doesn’t it? Additionally, it is promoted to be the best of all types of eye surgery, with PRK seemingly being obsolete.However, such wonderful properties cause many people to question many facts about LASIK procedure. Is LASIK safe? What are the LASIK eye surgery risks? Finally, how much does LASIK cost? Is it expensive? We understand that these questions are a proof of real concern and consciousness on the part of future patients of LASIK procedure. For this reason, we will try to answer these and other questions surrounding the LASIK eye surgery procedure in this short article.

What Does Laser Eye Surgery Do – How It Works?

LASIK eye surgery procedure’s basic premise is to correct the shape of one’s cornea. The cornea is responsible for bending the light entering the eye and therefore – for the shape and quality of the view we receive. Therefore, the changes in the cornea are responsible for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The laser used in the LASIK procedure corrects these abnormalities and in the majority of cases allows for light to travel undisturbed.

As for the more detailed description of LASIK eye surgery procedure, it is made in three steps. First of all, a flap is created in the outer layer of patient’s eye. Later on, the laser is utilised to reshape the cornea. Finally, in the last step of LASIK procedure, the flap is closed and the eye may start to heal.


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Is Laser Eye Surgery Painful?

LASIK procedure is not painful. It requires only local anaesthesia in form of drops – after all, in LASIK eye surgery a laser is utilised to create precise changes in the cornea. Hence, there is no need to be worried – your LASIK eye surgery shall pass quickly and without you feeling a thing.

How Long Does a LASIK Eye Surgery Last?

One of the advantages of LASIK eye surgery is a short time – the whole procedure for both eyes may take as little as 20 minutes. In comparison to traditional surgeries, the timing of LASIK procedure is really astonishing, remembering that other procedures may take hours. Here, after 20 minutes you are ready to go home, though we recommend that your friend or relative drives you there.

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Does Laser Eye Surgery Work?

As we have mentioned, most of the patient gain a full, unobstructed sight after the LASIK eye surgery procedure. However, to avoid doubts born of generalisations, let’s talk with numbers. LASIK eye surgery success rates are estimated to be as high as 96%, with the remaining 4% being mostly under-corrected and other complications which can be solved by a repeated LASIK procedure.

What Are the LASIK Eye Surgery Risks?

While LASIK eye surgery procedure is generally a safe one, in rare cases it may lead to problems. Many patients during the LASIK eye surgery recovery experience dry eye effect or halos but they are not risks but rather a normal part of healing process. However, among LASIK eye surgery risks belong the prolongation of such effects for extended periods of time, even months or years. To other LASIK eye surgery risks belong overcorrection, when your doctor removes too much of cornea and causes new problems with your eyes, which can only be corrected with glasses or lenses. Finally, in very rare cases, LASIK procedure may lead to blindness. However, please remember that LASIK eye surgery success rate is no less than 96%, so LASIK eye surgery risks appear in the small minority of cases and they may be caused by the incompetence of doctors rather than the LASIK procedure itself.

How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

The LASIK cost may vary in many ways. First of all, how much does LASIK costs, depends on the fame of the LASIK eye center and the experience of a particular specialist. Later on, the average cost of LASIK eye surgery may depend on the city you live in – smaller cities, smaller prices, that’s the rule in almost all fields of elective medicine. LASIK surgery price is, finally, affected heavily by the country you have it in. For example, the average cost of LASIK eye surgery for both eyes in the USA is supposed to be between 2500-4000€, while the average cost of LASIK in Turkey is thought to be as low as 1000-1200€. Therefore, you save something between 1300-3000€. In the same time, health tourism destinations such as Turkey, India, Poland, and Spain are known to have a quality of LASIK procedure comparable to LASIK eye centers in the West. Even adding the transportation and accommodation costs, the laser eye surgery price in those countries will be lower than the one back home.

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