LASIK eye surgery is a new generation of laser eye surgery, conducted by an ophthalmologist to improve the eyesight of patients and in many cases – to allow patients to resign from glasses. During LASIK eye surgery, a flap in eye’s outer layer (epithelium) is created. Later, an eye surgeon performs the laser eye treatment. Finally, as the last stage of this refractive surgery, a flap is brought back to its place. Throughout the whole eye operation, an ophthalmologist applies special drops, which moisturize the eye and soothe the pain.

Also known as laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, Lasik eye surgery gained popularity throughout the world because of its effective results and short recovery period, especially in comparison to other available vision correction techniques. However, this doesn’t mean that patients may neglect the LASIK eye surgery recovery time. There are some advices worth taking into consideration while deciding for this eye correction surgery and we are more than pleased to present them to you in the following article.

Recovery Right After LASIK Eye Surgery

Yes, it is true, LASIK eye surgery improves eyesight immediately. However, patients might not realise it in the first moment. Patients who had a higher prescription before their refractive eye surgery may see the difference instantly, while those with lower prescriptions generally do not see it, at least not right after laser eye surgery. The effect of drops applied during laser eye correction passes soon and from now on patient needs to use regularly the combination of drops, which help to moisturize the eye, ease the pain and prevent further complications. Additionally, patients shouldn’t drive home by themselves after having LASIK eye surgery. It is recommended to have somebody to do it for them. Some specialists suggest that laser eye surgery patients should take a nap after it. In this way, their initial LASIK eye surgery recovery time shortens. First days are especially hard as patients experience dryness in eyes and pain. However, under any circumstances, patients should not try to touch or rub their eyes after the laser eye treatment – they may damage them.



Work & Hobbies after LASIK Eye Surgery

It is possible to come back to work one or two days after this refractive eye surgery! That’s what made LASIK surgery famous. However, you need to be careful. If the work is dangerous and in an environment irritating your eyes, give yourself some more time. Patients after LASIK eye surgery are also advised to avoid activities, which may result in any harm to their eyes, including contact sports and other hobbies of this kind. Eyes after LASIK eye surgery are more fragile than normal; therefore, it is necessary to care about them more than usually.

How Long is LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Time?

There is no fixed answer for this important question. The pace in which eyes recover after laser vision correction depends on many factors, including the previous prescription, the shape of an eye, age, lifestyle and many others. Therefore, stay in contact with your eye surgeon and go for check-ups after your laser eye treatment regularly. This way, you will get to know when your eyes will be recovered from LASIK eye surgery. Usually, six months are thought to be a threshold after which eyes are thought to be healed

Side Effects of LASIK Eye Surgery

While this eye treatment is one of the newest and best laser eye surgeries, it comes with some side effects. Apart from mentioned eye dryness and initial pain, some refractive eye surgery patients experience halos or glare after it, especially during the night. It is completely normal as long as it isn’t excessive and doesn’t last longer than six months after LASIK eye surgery.

Enhancements after LASIK Eye Surgery

Some patients need an enhancement after their vision correction. It doesn’t necessary mean that the ophthalmologist was incompetent, the shape of an eye and the prescription are important factors as well. Around sixth month from LASIK surgery, the eye surgeon examines the patient and decides whether the enhancement is necessary, since after this time the side effects should pass and the patients should enjoy improved vision. Additionally, in order to perform a second laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, the eye must be healed properly.


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