When created, contact lenses seemed as something of a salvation for people seeking to improve eyesight who were for centuries sentenced to wear eyeglasses. Eye contacts allowed you to function quite normally, without worrying about losing the glasses or cleaning them all the time. Perfect, isn’t it?

However, as the time passed, eye doctors started to warn people that contact lenses are not such a wonderful solution and there are strict rules one needs to observe in order to actually not do harm to their eyesight. Previously people tried to get rid of eyeglasses. Nowadays, in quite similar fashion, more and more people wonder how to get rid of contact lenses and their constraints.

Luckily, the dawn of laser eye surgery promises that we can improve eyesight without wearing anything. We may basically be one laser surgery away from the perfect eyesight we so much crave for.

In this article, we will try to point out why wearing your eye contacts may lead to health issues and how can we get rid of contact lenses for good.

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Wearing Contact Lenses Too Long Is Harmful to Your Eyes

It is a popular truth that wearing your eye contacts too long causes more damage than good. But how long is too long when it comes to standard contact lenses?

Unfortunately, many people wear eye contacts all day and remove them only to go to sleep. They argue that after all they wear contact lenses improve eyesight and they need a good sight for the whole day. Fair enough, but it comes with a price. Wearing eye contacts limits the oxygen intake of your cornea, for it takes oxygen directly from the air rather than from veins. For this reason, eye doctors always warn that at least for some time you should remove them even during the day just to let your eyes breathe.

Moreover, many people forget to take out their eye contacts at night, leading to even more damage to their eyesight, not to mention the health of their eyes.

You Should Always Be Careful While You Are Using Them

Contact lenses let you improve eyesight but require a good and cautious maintenance. Without it, your eye contacts may lead to lack of oxygen or infection since they easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. Cleaning them regularly helps to minimize the risk but it always exists.

There is some middle ground such as new generations of contact lenses which let more oxygen into the eye but even they must be used with extreme care and may lead to problems with eyesight and infections.

Why Should You Use Them While There Are Effective Eye Surgeries to Solve Your Problems?

This is a question many ophthalmologists ponder about. Why are people still so attached to the idea of eye contacts as the way to improve eyesight? Nowadays, you can easily and in an affordable way get rid of contact lenses or eyeglasses by means of various laser eye surgery techniques.  Almost every respected institution dealing with eye health performs laser surgery. It is enough to go and ask. If you get a green light, you can get rid of contact lenses for good.

Which Eye Surgery Is Right for You?

In order to get rid of eyeglasses or eye contacts, patients can pick from a quite rich choice of laser eye surgery methods. These include:

  • PRK – PRK is the pioneer in the field of laser surgery. In it, doctors remove the epithelium of the eye and proceed to reshape the cornea in order to fight with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. PRK procedures improve eyesight but the recovery period is a little long for a new epithelium take time to grow.
  • LASIK in LASIK laser eye surgery, doctors take a shortcut and create a flap in epithelium rather than removing it totally. Then, they proceed to reshape the cornea quite like in PRK procedure. Finally, the flap is put on its place and the healing process starts. As a result, LASIK brings a much quicker recovery and almost immediate improvement in eyesight. However, it cannot be applied to patients with too thin cornea or patients who once had a LASIK laser surgery. For them, PRK is the better solution.
  • LASEK – this laser surgery is a middle ground between LASIK and PRK – the ophthalmologist removes the epithelium only to put it back on after the procedure. However, it was shown that LASEK requires a longer recovery than PRK and therefore it is in decline.
  • Implantable Multifocal Lenses – this generation of eye contacts is implanted inside the eye and is permanent, promising that you can get rid of contact lenses in traditional meaning while not risking the laser eye surgery. This technology is still in development and will require a few years before becoming a very popular one.

As we can see, the ways to improve eyesight and get rid of contact lenses and eyeglasses are numerous. Additionally, as they become a common practice, they tend to be more affordable. For this reason, we suggest you contact your ophthalmologist and take a closer look at these eye surgeries.

Looking for eye surgeries? See eye hospitals and compare prices.


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