Lip augmentation, either through lip implants or dermal fillers is becoming more and more popular in medical centres from all around the world. But how much does it really cost? Lip implant costs can vary from region to region and city to city so we’ve come up with a list of destinations for lip augmentation procedures in order to help you in making your decision.


Lip augmentation in the UK

Temporary lip augmentation procedures are more popular in the UK. There are plenty of private clinics to choose from and most of these clinics are run by doctors with plenty of experience with regards to cosmetic procedures. Lip augmentation through dermal fillers will set you back around 500 EUR in the UK. Prices start from 350 EUR and go up to 850 EUR, depending on the clinic and its location – cosmetic clinics in London tend to be the most expensive by far. A permanent lip implant procedure can set you back as much as 3500 EUR.

Permalip lip implants in Turkey

Turkey is a premium destination for all sorts of cosmetic procedures, including lip augmentation through permalip implants. For years, Turkey has developed its medical infrastructure in order to accommodate the healthcare market’s demands. Turkey is also quite a popular tourism destination so patients visiting Turkish plastic surgery centres are in for a treat. The average permalip procedure in Turkey will set you back around 1000 EUR but most clinics offer holiday discounts and other perks.

Lip augmentation in Hungary

Hungary has been a dental holiday favourite for many years now but the country has even more to offer. You’ll be able to find plenty of lip augmentation clinics in Budapest and the surrounding areas. These are usually boutique-style clinics which cater to a select group of patients. Apart from that, prices for permalip lip implants in Hungary are very affordable – prices start from 350 EUR for most clinics but you’re likely to pay around 500-600 EUR for the procedure.

Permanent lip implants in Poland

Poland receives most of its patients from Germany, Russia, Norway and Sweden. The country itself is well worth visiting but in recent years it also became one of Europe’s plastic surgery hubs. Lip augmentation in Poland will set you back around 500 EUR, which may be affordable but keep in mind that only the procedure itself is included in the price tag. Expenses related to accommodation or other trip-details might be lower if you decide to visit a place like Krakow.

Lip augmentation in Romania

Romania is a relatively new player in the medical tourism game but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it lacks cosmetic clinics or trained professionals to run them. Lip augmentation prices in Romania vary wildly from clinic to clinic, depending on the materials used and the city where the clinic is based. As a rule of thumb, lip augmentation prices start at around 350 EUR for temporary lip augmentation procedures and end with around 1200 EUR for permanent lip implants.

Lip augmentation in Spain

Spain is a very popular destination among UK sun worshipers looking for a warm place to spend their vacation. In the same time, Spain is becoming popular for other reasons as well: dentistry procedures and plastic surgery. Lip augmentation prices in Spain start from 450-500 EUR for most clinics. This is the price for temporary lip augmentation through dermal fillers. Prices for permanent lip augmentation through lip implants are likely to be around 1000 EUR. In some cases clinics charge per lip and in some cases clinics charge for both lips so it’s a good idea to get as much information as possible before undergoing the procedure.

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