Facts about liposuction surgery are often mixed with fables on the internet. These liposuction facts and myths make us dubious about the reality. What to do then? Shall we doubt everything and shy away from plastic surgery?

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Liposuction Facts and Myths

Instead, we propose you to check our short list. In it, liposuction facts and myths are confronted and the truth is exposed. After that, we hope that you won’t fear this procedure but, having checked the pros and cons, take a mature decision affecting positively your wellbeing and self-esteem.

As you will see, we will treat liposuction surgery as a general category. Therefore, you can treat them as generally true for such different types of this procedure as liposuction for stomach, liposuction for legs or liposuction for thighs.

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Pain after Liposuction

The post-op pain is often a subject of various liposuction facts and myths pages. What is the truth though? The pain level does not have one timeline. Rather, it depends on the scale of the procedure and the area. Especially in liposuction on the tummy, liposuction recovery may include more than a week of pain which is, though, suppressed by the medications. Also, the level of pain depends on the skills of your doctors, so choose wisely!

Your Daily Routine after Liposuction

Liposuction recovery may take some time but the most critical period is only 1-3 days. Later on, you can come back to your old schedule unless it involves heavy physical strain. As for sports, walking and remaining active is welcome to keep you fit.

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Is Liposuction Performed for Weight Loss?

Often, liposuction facts and myths pages try to sell you the common misconception that liposuction surgery is performed to lose weight. Nothing more incorrect! Rather, it helps you deal with so-called ‘stubborn fat’, fat which does not disappear even after regular exercises and rigorous diet.

What are Compression Garments for?

The compression garments aren’t, as some people would like you to think, necessary to achieve the final results you crave. Instead, they prevent the escalation of liposuction side effects such as swelling. After liposuction, face or other body parts which undergo the procedure tend to naturally swell and doctors try to prevent it by suggesting you the garments. You do not want to look all swollen and red, do you?

After all, do not worry. As long as you obey the recommendations of your specialists, liposuction side effects should remain at bay.

Liposuction is Cheaper than you Think!

Really, long past are times when liposuction was a whim of selected rich people. Nowadays, liposuction surgery becomes more and more popular thanks not only to improved results but also the fact that it became more affordable.

In short, instead of shopping for a fancy new designer bag, check out our website for an equally affordable (and, if you ask us, more satisfying) liposuction procedure

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Will My Kilos Be Gone Forever?

In liposuction, weight loss is an instant but one-time kind of event. That is, you will gain weight if you don’t take care of yourself. Do not trust magicians who promise that their procedures will make the issue go away forever. There is no such thing! Among liposuction facts and myths, this one is especially harmful, for many patients assume their old lifestyle and do not expect that their bodies will again get some extra kilos.

Liposuction Will Make All the Fat Disappear

Again, a beautiful lie spread around some of the liposuction facts and myths pages. Surely, your specialist will offer you a possibly thorough operation during which your stubborn fat will be removed. Still, after your liposuction recovery, you shall consider a more active lifestyle if you want your body fat to become lower in general. Such effects cannot be achieved only on an operation table.

Is It Risky?

To the basic facts about liposuction surgery belong statistics which clearly say that nowadays, a liposuction is a quite safe procedure, with a large majority of patients satisfied with their results. They rarely suffer from liposuction side effects or complications.

For more info and a wide choice of clinics conducting liposuction, do not hesitate to CONTACT US. As you saw, many of the effects of liposuction surgery depend on a fruitful cooperation between you and your surgeon, as well as on your lifestyle. In our hands, we will do what we can to provide you with the best experience possible.

Looking for Liposuction? See the list of clinics and compare prices.


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