Cyprus, an island country located in Eastern Mediterranean, is one of the most popular tourism destinations. The country attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the world with its mild climate, shimmering blue seas, glamorous beaches, splendid Roman ruins, history-smelling urban streets, delicious meze and halloumi every year. However, Cyprus is not only a beautiful holiday spot but also a popular medical tourism destination. Cyprus’ life expectancy is very good and the quality of healthcare is so high that it is ranked as one of the Mediterranean’s healthiest countries by the World Health Organization (WHO). The government of Cyprus prioritizes its healthcare system and actively encourages preventative medicine. Healthcare in Cyprus is generally affordable and most government hospitals are located in the major cities. There are also smaller government-run hospitals and private clinics present in other areas of the country. However, the healthcare system is trusted not only by local residents but also by other foreign visitors who come to Cyprus for health reasons. The most popular medical treatment that foreign patients come to Cyprus for is IVF infertility treatment.


What is In Vitro Treatment (IVF)?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an infertility treatment in which the egg of the female and the sperm of the male are combined in-vitro under laboratory conditions to provide fertilization and pregnancy. The success with IVF fertility treatments depends on a number of factors such as age, quality of eggs and sperm as well as uterine factors and many other variables. However, patients under the age of 35 are %90 percent likely to respond to the treatment whereas the success rate may gradually decline to 30-%40 after the age of 40.

Why Consider Cyprus for IVF Treatment?

Cyprus is among the top IVF treatment destinations in the world. Couples who wish to have a baby and seek an infertility treatment abroad generally decide on Cyprus as the IVF clinics in Cyprus offer good quality of medical service with highly experienced infertility specialists and high-tech medical equipment. The benefits of IVF treatment done in Cyprus fertility clinics are plenty since egg donation in Cyprus is anonymous which means that there are many IVF egg donors and there is virtually no waiting lists. Although the donors are anonymous, a lot of information about the donor such as age, nationality, height, weight, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour and blood type are provided to the patient. Egg and sperm donors in Cyprus are tested thoroughly by the ministry of health for infectious diseases and only qualified donors are accepted. Moreover, the cost of IVF treatment in Cyprus is also much more affordable in comparison to other IVF clinics abroad. For example, an average IVF treatment in Cyprus may be as cheap as $3000 while an IVF in the UK may reach $8000. Likewise in the United States and Canada, an average IVF treatment cost may range between $10000 and $12500. Besides being a cheap IVF centre, Cyprus is also such a wonderful island country with a relaxing warm climate and splendid scenery that most patients desire to stay a few days more after the treatment to enjoy its beauties.


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