Medical Tourism


In its brief definition, Rhinoplasty is a branch of the plastic surgery that performing on the nose to straighten its appearance by modifying the nasal cartilage and the bones and/or by adding tissue. It is a very popular operation that the best place and costs have been searching by more people through the years. In this article we are going to inform you about the actual Rhinoplasty cost around the world and also particularly in Turkey.

All the members of the Kardashian-Jenner family are always the key figures for the social media, public presses and the TV shows. Everything they do, say and wear is carefully followed by the people from all over the World. Kardashians’ plastic surgeries are one of the most attractive topics that never lose its popularity over the years. The members of this famous family love transforming and getting some beautiful touches and we, as the people outside of the family, love following them carefully and making our comments on their lives.

Invisalign is the most improved version of dental braces. It is the invisible and aesthetic way to straighten the teeth. This treatment is very innovative and totally painless and suitable for all the people of ages 12 to 80. There are transparent, soft, comfortable and removable aligners used in the orthodontic Invisalign treatment.

We always want our teeth to be healthy and strong. Although we prefer to have our own teeth for as long as possible, it is one of our unavoidable need to have artificial ones. Dental implant is the best option to replace our missing tooth/teeth with its/their artificial version(s). Because of its material, titanium, and the way it is applying, by using screws, it is becoming more and more preferred in time. And also, there is a surprising history beyond it: Titanium dental implant has been used for the teeth renovation surgeries since 1965.

Medical tourism or health tourism is a growing global trend. Without a shade of exaggeration, there are literally millions of people who search for treatment abroad. They do it either to basically save money or to get a medical treatment which is risky or unavailable in their countries but is affordable and high-quality in the chain of medical tourism destinations all around the globe. Whatever the reason, health tourism is growing steadily, as more and more patients learn about the possibility and advantages of medical travel.

Health tourism becomes a new normal for many patients. Not only the number of patients looking for medical treatment abroad increases every year, but also the range of medical procedures chosen by medical tourists becomes more and more diverse. It is obvious that the primary category of medical treatment abroad is plastic surgery procedures but they ceased to be the only one a long time ago.

Cyprus, an island country located in Eastern Mediterranean, is one of the most popular tourism destinations. The country attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the world with its mild climate, shimmering blue seas, glamorous beaches, splendid Roman ruins, history-smelling urban streets, delicious meze and halloumi every year. However, Cyprus is not only a beautiful holiday spot but also a popular medical tourism destination.

Spain, located at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. The city has a warm climate and a rich culture including its pristine beaches, amazing landscapes, various colourful festivals, amazing foods, historical sites and diverse cultural traditions. However, Spain has a lot more to offer! Besides being an outstanding tourism destination, Spain has also emerged as a very popular medical tourism destination for people from Europe, United States, United Kingdom and from all over the world with its good quality of health care at quite reasonable prices. But that’s not all!