It is pretty easy to access the general data regarding the most popular plastic surgeries in the world or in a particular country. Almost every major site produces yearly a list of most popular plastic surgeries, usually showing that breast augmentation is still on the top, the rhinoplasty went one place up while neck lift lost some of its popularity.

However, we often do not want a general list of most popular plastic surgery procedures. Instead, we seek guidance in Hollywood, expecting that celebrities will know better which plastic surgery is more effective and long-lasting than the others. Additionally, most common plastic surgery may not be the best one – the price also matters and many ‘regular’ clients of plastic surgery clinics are limited by this factor more than they are willing to admit. On the other hand, celebrities in America are free to choose not only the most popular plastic surgeries but also the ones which provide the best effects.

So, what are the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Hollywood? Let’s have a look and get some inspiration.

Breast Augmentation as the most popular one! 

Breast enlargement is on the top of the list of most popular plastic surgeries, be it in general or among Celebrities in the USA. However, the size of new breasts after breast augmentation has changed over time, together with methods.

It is a general trend that women deciding for breast augmentation lower their expectations with regard to the size. Instead of large breast implants, women choose more moderate sizes since they look much more natural.

More than that, increasing number of women in general and in Hollywood decide for methods of breast enlargement others than breast implants. For instance, they can choose a fat transfer breast augmentation, where their boob job is done with fat taken from other body parts such as buttocks. Breast augmentation combined with liposuction is a rising trend and promises often more natural effects. Still, many women prefer breast implants but instead of round implants, they can choose a more anatomically suitable teardrop implants.

celebrities with breast implants

Botox and Fillers

If we consider both plastic surgery and plastic surgery procedures not involving a cut with a scalpel, botox is the number 1 among most popular plastic surgery procedures. It becomes even more popular in Hollywood, where all signs of aging are met with ostracism on behalf of the community and fans. For this reason, both male and female Hollywood stars are crazy about botox injections, repeating the botox procedure at regular intervals.

Apart from botox injections, in recent years there was an increase in the use of fillers which serve as cheek and lip enhancers. Still, botox has remained on the top of the list of most common plastic surgery.


Liposuction always occupies the list of most popular plastic surgeries in Hollywood. It is a great way of dealing with excessive fat tissue and especially with so-called ‘stubborn fat’, not giving up to even the most rigorous diets and training programs. Liposuction may be a procedure on its own rights or a part of a larger plastic surgery. Liposuction is often combined with fat transfer to breasts or other body parts, becoming an element of breast augmentation efforts or other most popular plastic surgery procedures. Fat grafting may take place a long time after liposuction, so doctors often store fat removed in the liposuction procedure for their Hollywood clients.

liposuction surgery


A nose job is also a big thing among celebrities in America. It is for a very simple reason – while many other defects of our body are possible to fight with using diets, healthy lifestyle, massages and non-invasive methods, we do not choose a nose we are born with. Additionally, since we are ‘sentenced’ to deal with it, our nose often becomes a matter of obsession. Rhinoplasty promises us salvage from this drama, though it requires a lot of skill and artistic touch to it, unlike some other most popular plastic surgery procedures.



The facelift also should not be a surprise in the Hollywood list of most popular plastic surgeries. Instead of a number of small procedures such as botox injections, fillers, and others, some celebrities prefer to have one facelift done and do not worry about sagging and imperfect skin for a few years to go. Additionally, in Hollywood, a facelift in a way that hides almost totally the possible scars. It is not surprising then that it is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures.



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