Plastic surgeries, especially those performed for purely aesthetic reasons, are usually associated with women both by the general public and men themselves. This is a sad truth but still, truth. Fortunately, as the years pass, the perception of men’s plastic surgery begins to change. Cosmetic surgery for men in many countries stopped to be a taboo and in many others, it will stop being one in the following years.

What is the reason? People started to realise that cosmetic surgery does not have to be the domain of women. After all, we all want to look good and nature does not always provide us with possibilities to change without the touch of a knife. Male plastic surgery is done for precisely the same reasons as a female cosmetic surgery. We all, no matter the gender, need sometimes a hair transplant, liposuction to fight with a stubborn fat or rhinoplasty if our noses do not suit our body image.

In this article, we will list a number of types of plastic surgeries for men. We hope that this little contribution will help to change the image of male plastic surgery and men will not have to hide the fact that they underwent, let’s say, liposuction or neck lift.

Plastic Surgeries For Men

plastic surgeries for men


Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is one of the most popular male plastic surgery procedures. The popularity of blepharoplasty among both men and women is due to its rejuvenating qualities – such an eye surgery may make us look a few years younger than before. It is also worth mentioning that in some cases, blepharoplasty is necessary for people to see correctly due to overly big eyelids partially limiting one’s sight.

eyelid surgery

Facelift and Neck Lift

Men’s plastic surgery choices obviously are not limited to eye surgery. Facelift for men is also a growing trend since age is not only written in one’s eyelids – it is sometimes too clearly visible on men’s face and neck. Skin becomes less and less elastic as time passes, leading many men to search for an optimal cosmetic surgery. Such a cosmetic surgery for men can be facelift or neck lift, where one’s skin is pulled to create a tighter, younger-looking skin. Face lift and neck lift can be also paired with fillers or other substances to give the face a tight, more natural look. As the picture of men as looking harsh and not caring about their appearance passes away, plastic surgeries for men’s face becomes a new normal.


Liposuction for men is a real thing – after all, many people of both sexes suffer from the excess of stubborn fat, which is not willing to go anywhere despite a rigid dietary regime and hours in the gym. Liposuction saves you this trouble by removing this resistant fat – doctors first liquefy the fat and then remove it through a tube. Liposuction for men is a viable solution to the commonly experienced issue. No wonder then that it became one of the most popular male plastic surgery procedures in recent years. Additionally, more advanced procedures such as a tummy tuck for men also become a trend among gentlemen around the world.

Hair Transplant – Scalp, Face, Chest

Hair transplant in recent decades became predominantly a men’s plastic surgery since it is men who lose their hair much more often than women. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it would be the most popular cosmetic surgery for men – a significant majority of males suffer from partial baldness. However, apart from scalp hair transplant, face hair transplant and chest hair transplant also enjoy popularity.

Facial hair transplant is partially stimulated by regularly returning trend for beards. Many people cannot grow a proper beard or moustache and need to seek the help of this plastic surgery for men. As for chest hair transplant, the reason is quite similar – it is a general opinion that chest hair is one of the symbols of masculinity. Patients who have troubles with this issue often resort to hair transplant as the last solution.Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty or a nose job is a cosmetic surgery aiming at changing the size and shape of one’s nose (usually making it smaller). For many years it was counted among plastic surgery procedures reserved for women but this situation changes dynamically. Nowadays, rhinoplasty can in some countries be counted as a plastic surgery for men. Especially in Iran and the Middle East, this trend grows quickly and it is a matter of time before rhinoplasty will be globally accepted as a cosmetic surgery for men.

hair transplant for men


Gynecomastia means breast reduction. It is one of the popular plastic surgeries for men also enjoys increasing interest for they do not want to suffer from the situation which is often rooted in their genetics or is a sad reminder of obesity in the past. Gynecomastia as a male plastic surgery enjoys an increasing popularity around the world, though it still is rather a taboo topic.


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