What is a plastic surgery? This seemingly simple question is harder than you think once you actually start pondering about it. Obviously, plastic surgery procedures generally aim at improving our appearance. However, where is the limit? Is Botox injection a plastic surgery? Many people would say yes on the first impulse, only then realising that in fact, no plastic surgery procedure takes place, for it is a simple injection.

Up until now, we’ve focused primarily on types of plastic surgery, without giving much space to the phenomenon itself. However, it seems that a general article in the matter of plastic surgery and, more specifically, cosmetic surgery (for there is a difference between them) shall be available to fill up some blank spaces.

1- What Is a Plastic Surgery? Are plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery the same?

Plastic surgery is a quite wide term, covering at least three main branches of plastic surgery procedures. These are:

  • Plastic surgery to deal with disorders, and birth defects
  • Reconstructive plastic surgery
  • Plastic surgery to enhance one’s appearance (cosmetic surgery)

While the terms ‘plastic surgery’ and ‘cosmetic surgery’ are used interchangeably by many sites (including ours), technically speaking, cosmetic surgery constitutes only one of the branches of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery procedures aim at improving one’s look for aesthetic reasons – it can be an improvement of breast size or the improvement of one’s body impaired due to birth defects, disorders, diseases, and accidents. In the latter, instead of ‘beautifying’ one’s body, it aims to make it possibly normal and normal functioning. Only cosmetic surgery branch is busy with enhancing the look of patients who are already fine and just need some corrections to feel better.

However, it is not totally wrong to use ‘plastic surgery’ as a synonym for cosmetic surgery. It is enough to keep in mind that cosmetic surgery constitutes only a part of responsibilities and abilities of a plastic surgeon.

2- Is plastic surgery safe?

Plastic surgery procedures become increasingly safe due to the appearance of new procedures and new approaches to old procedures.

As an example, a decade or two ago, silicone implants were more prone to tear and cause possible complications. In modern breast enhancement surgery, more durable silicone implants are used, including so-called gummy bear implants which have a more consistent structure and therefore pose less risk even if their cover will tear. Additionally, breast augmentation surgery may be performed with saline implants which have an even smaller impact on our bodies once a tear appears.

In other fields of cosmetic surgery, plastic surgeons also make discoveries of new materials and procedures which increase patients’ safety exponentially. Still, it is not possible to say that plastic surgery procedures are 100% safe. Even with a very careful specialist and a relatively safe cosmetic surgery, there is a marginal risk that something goes wrong. Nevertheless, these risks rarely seriously affect one’s health.

3- Will my insurance cover the plastic surgery procedure?

It is hard to say for sure but most of the public and private insurance programs do support plastic surgery procedures only if these are a necessity as a result of a disease or an accident. In the case of cosmetic surgery chosen for purely aesthetic reasons, it is really hard to find an insurance program which would refund it.

4- How do I know if plastic surgery is right for me?

Plastic surgery procedures are most of the time a matter of one’s perception and aesthetic values. Cosmetic surgery may be a good way to increase the patient’s self-confidence but it doesn’t have to – some cosmetic surgery patients regret their choices, especially in more extremal cases. It is always a good idea to talk to your plastic surgeon, who is able to present the best options at hand due to their years of experience. Sometimes changing the type of surgery may be a good solution. For example, in order to achieve breast augmentation, you can choose breast implants but also a breast lift.

5- Plastic Surgery Abroad- Tips

Patients looking for affordable, high-quality plastic surgery procedures are the most important element of the growing trend of medical tourism. The reason is simple – especially the USA and Western Europe are known to have good plastic surgeons but a quite horrifying pricing of almost all types of cosmetic surgery. For this reason, thousands of patients travel every year to major health tourism destinations such as Turkey, Poland, Spain, India, and others – in this way they can get the care of qualified plastic surgeons for a much more client-friendly price. However, it is quite an art to choose between many plastic surgery clinics promoting themselves online. What shall we pay attention to?

  • Titles and experience of plastic surgeons
  • The reviews of plastic surgery clinics
  • Availability of reliable translators in the chosen plastic surgery clinic
  • The total cost of cosmetic surgery together with hospital stay and other fees which are often not given at the beginning

Keeping in mind these issues, there is no way you will make a bad deal while choosing a plastic surgery clinic for yourself.

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