A neck lift is an increasingly popular neck surgery, perfect for people who wonder how to get rid of neck wrinkles or fat which does not want to go away. Neck lift surgery promises neck tightening, although there are many methods used to tighten neck skin and bring this part of our body a younger, smoother look. For many people, it is enough to undergo a neck lift liposuction, while others need more complex neck surgery in order to fight with aging.

Often, a neck lift is conducted as a part of a general facelift surgery, but in recent years it has become a cosmetic surgery on its own rights, for not always neck aging develops parallel to face skin aging.

What Is a Neck Lift? Neck Lift Procedure

A neck lift is a general term for various types of neck surgery, with their common point being fighting with the effects of aging. Sagging neck treatment can be performed through neck lift liposuction or removal of skin and tightening of muscles – choosing right neck treatments depends on the needs of the client. Neck lift procedures are often known in a joking manner as ‘turkey neck surgery’.

Neck lift procedures are usually performed under a local anaesthesia, but it can be performed under a general one if that’s what the patient expects. After all, people wishing to tighten neck skin do not have to be aware while the neck lift surgeon performs the neck surgery.

neck lift before and after

Neck Lift Candidates

There are many people out there who wonder how to get rid of neck wrinkles. They constitute the majority of patients in neck lift procedures. Some need also to undergo a neck lift surgery in order to repair the damage done to their skin in accidents or to tighten neck skin after a dramatic weight loss. In such a case neck lift is often only a part of a larger body lift surgery.
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Neck Lift Without Surgery?

Some claim that you can have a nice and effective neck lift without surgery. It is certainly true for very mild cases of neck tightening. People with small wrinkles can find some substitutes for neck lift procedures but in more radical cases, sagging neck treatment can be performed by the means of a proper neck lift surgery. So the next time you will hear about neck lift without surgery, please find out more and remember that no non-surgical neck treatments will guarantee you good results in more severe cases of excess skin or fat.

Neck Lift Liposuction

Neck lift liposuction is one of the most attractive neck lift procedures – it guarantees close to no neck lift scars, and a quick neck lift recovery. In neck lift liposuction, as in all kinds of liposuction surgery, excess fat is removed by a special tube, leaving a smoother skin and shape of one’s neck. Neck lift liposuction utilises small cuts through which the tube is inserted, unless some other, more extensive neck lift procedures. Additionally, the neck lift recovery is much shorter than in neck treatments with larger incisions.

Neck Lift Cost

The neck lift cost depends on many factors. As it is with other types of cosmetic surgery, the exact extent of the neck lift procedure is the key. Neck liposuction cost will be naturally lower than of a more radical neck tightening procedure. Neck lift surgery cost depends also on the skills and popularity of your neck lift surgeon. Finally, the place plays an important role if you look for a little more affordable neck lift surgery cost. As an example, in the USA the average cost of neck lift is estimated to be 3600 € while in Turkey, neck surgery may be much cheaper. In clinics of Istanbul, Ankara, or Izmir, the average cost of neck lift is as low as 2800 €. Additionally, neck lift surgery cost is not the price of the neck surgery itself! Hospital stay, anaesthesia, and other price elements are also much more expensive in the West than in health tourism destinations such as Turkey. Even if you add plane tickets and accommodation costs, your neck lift cost will be below that back home.

Neck Lift Before and After

There is no better way to show that the neck lift surgery really works than some fine neck lift before and after. At these pictures, you can see how good results can neck tightening bring. Neck lift procedures are not a myth, their effects are real and long-lasting. Just check it out!

neck lift before and after
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neck lift before and after
Neck lift surgery can be performed together with facelift surgery.

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