Prostate Cancer – What Is It?

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer seen in men after skin cancer. It occurs when abnormal cells develop uncontrollably in the prostate and sometimes these cells may even spread to the other parts of the body. Prostate cancer symptoms cannot be generally seen in the early stages. In the later stages, most frequently seen symptoms are discomfort when urinating, finding blood in urine and sudden need to urinate.

Oncology – What Is It?

Oncology is the medical field that researches, identifies and treats various types of cancer such as breast cancer, skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, and melanoma. And an oncologist is the physician who diagnoses and treats cancer with different kinds of cancer treatment methods such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cancer surgery, and immunotherapy.

Chemotherapy procedure (chemo) is an advanced cancer treatment, in which medications are used to treat cancer. With the development of new chemo treatments, this therapy gets more and more sophisticated and destroys cancer cells with increasing precision. Chemotherapy can be used for various types of cancer, including breast cancer, lung cancer and others. However, still many patients look for information on chemotherapy in cancer specialists’ offices or on the internet. Therefore, we have prepared answers to the common questions of this topic.

Cancer currently is the second leading cause of death in the world after cardiovascular disease. Every year around 600.000 people from all around the world lose the battle with cancer. Meanwhile, Europe is becoming a premium destination for patients suffering from cancer or patients requiring follow-up care. Around 50% of all cancer cases are treated into remission and the percentage is even higher for young patients.