Prostate cancer is a silent killer of thousands of men every year. While it is one of the common types of cancer, many men become alarmed only in late prostate cancer stages. What is the reason of such behaviour? Unfortunately, mostly the fear of learning the truth and a certain stigma. Men prefer to just ignore the signs of prostate cancer rather than attend regular screenings. Many are taught throughout their lives that they need to ‘man up’, ignore their health and just go on working without caring for themselves.

The sad irony of this situation is the fact that recognising the early cancer symptoms may save the lives of many men. Like with many other types of cancer, a prostate cancer treatment is most effective when performed on stage 1 or stage 2 cancers.

With this article we try to aid the attempts to increase the prostate cancer awareness among men – you will find here basic symptoms of prostate cancer, its causes, the ways to prevent it, and common options for prostate cancer treatment.

How Common Is Prostate Cancer

The statistics are quite shocking – prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men apart from skin cancer. Even 1 out of every 9 men will have to undergo prostate cancer treatment in their lifetime. Keep that in mind – ignoring the prostate cancer risk factors and symptoms of prostate cancer you may ask for a months-long treatment which will not always bring the expected results.

What Are the Symptoms

To most common signs of prostate cancer belong problems with urination such as the decreased flow of urine, frequent urination, and loss of bladder control. Additionally, blood in urine belongs to often-recognized prostate cancer symptoms. Moreover, erectile dysfunctions and pain in legs and lower parts of the spine may belong to prostatitis symptoms. If you experience any of them, it is time to visit your doctor. Remember – early prostate cancer diagnosis is the key to success in fighting this cancer.

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Prostate Cancer Causes & Prevention

There is no such thing as direct prostate cancer causes. However, there is a number of prostate cancer risk factors which shall be generally known. Lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, bad habits such as smoking, and obesity are among such prostate cancer risk factors. Additionally, we can mention the prostate cancer age – most men suffer from it when they reach their sixties.

As for prostate cancer prevention, it shall be focused on eradicating bad habits mentioned before, especially regarding our diet and lifestyle. Lack of sport, eating too much and basing our diet on fast food belong to prostate cancer causes, therefore coping with them may protect you from this life-threatening disease.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

There are several prostate cancer treatment options available since various prostate cancer stages require a different strategy to cope with them. As a result, not all prostate cancer treatment alternatives are recommended for every patient. Doctors after analysing the case choose the best combination of prostate cancer treatments at hand and then try to either eradicate totally (in early prostate cancer stages) or at least control or partially shrink (in late prostate cancer stages) cancer. Among these options we can mention:

  • Prostate Cancer Treatment with Hormones – In prostate cancer treatment, hormones play a very important role, especially so-called androgens such as testosterone. It was proven that lack of androgens is stopping the spread of prostate cancer or even leads to its shrinking. Prostate cancer treatment with hormones is a supporting therapy for prostate cancer surgery or other methods.
  • Prostate Cancer Treatment with Radiation – as in many other types of cancer, prostate cancer can be treated with radiation generated by a machine (external radiation treatment) or injected into one’s body (internal radiation). Prostate cancer treatment with radiation may be a treatment on its own or can be used in combination with prostate cancer surgery and other methods.
  • Prostate Cancer Surgery – prostate cancer surgery can be especially helpful in early stages of cancer which didn’t start the metastasis or spreading outside of the prostate. Additionally, in late prostate cancer stages, it can be utilised to curb the extent of cancer and prolong one’s life.
  • Chemotherapy as Prostate Cancer Treatment – chemotherapy may be used as a supporting therapy together with radiation or prostate cancer surgery. In chemotherapy, powerful doses of medicines are used to destroy cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be applied orally or as an injection.
  • Other Prostate Cancer Treatment Alternatives – these include cryotherapy, vaccine therapy and others. Cryotherapy means destroying cancer cells with extremely low temperatures while vaccine therapy for prostate cancer includes removal of white blood cells and arming them against cancer cells. However, these therapies are usually just a support for other prostate cancer treatment options.

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