Brazilian Butt Lift is a type of butt lift procedure which gains more and more attention from patients, plastic surgeons, and media. This butt lift method utilises fat transfer to buttocks, therefore avoiding dangers of injecting foreign substances such as liquid silicone or butt implants into one’s body. Additionally, it offers a bum lift paired with the increase in butt size, wherever a classical butt lift involved the removal of excess skin and fat and was mostly suggested to people who underwent a drastic weight loss.

Why ‘Brazilian’ butt lift?

It is for two important reasons: firstly, the inventor of this buttock augmentation method was a Brazilian himself, secondary, Latin America is known for the attention given to bigger bums and nowadays it became an example for other parts of the world, including many celebrities who chose to undergo a buttock augmentation in order to look and feel better.

In this short article, we will touch on a handful of useful facts regarding Brazilian Butt Lift, which, hopefully, will help you undergo a successful bum lift surgery and recovery.

brazilian butt lift

Choosing a Right Surgeon Is Important

Some plastic surgeries are quite simple and can be performed by less experienced specialists. However, BBL is not one of them. Choosing a renowned plastic surgeon for your buttock augmentation is not only a matter of achieving astonishing results but also avoiding health-threatening complications. Butt fat transfer is not a 10-minutes cosmetic procedure but a serious operation, including liposuction from the abdomen, liquefying of fat, and a skilled fat transfer to buttocks. Hence, please do not neglect to check your plastic surgeon’s previous achievements and experience with Brazilian Butt Lift before you decide to get your bum lift.

When Can You Sit?

Brazilian Butt Lift requires a special recovery regime since it is a buttock augmentation method based on fat transfer to buttocks. Fat grafts are really fragile in the first weeks after bum lift and pressure applied to them by sitting may be enough to cause their death due to lack of proper blood circulation. For this reason, Brazilian Butt Lift cannot sit for at least two weeks after the bum lift procedure. Even after the initial two-three weeks, patients should be careful to sit on soft pillows rather than directly on a chair or a bench. If you have doubts whether you can sit two-three weeks after your Brazilian Butt Lift, visit your doctor and ask for an advice.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Tips

Apart from a strict prohibition of sitting for the first weeks after the Brazilian Butt Lift, the recovery period after buttock augmentation is not a really rigorous one. After the initial one to two weeks of resting at home (standing or lying on your belly/side, obviously) patients are free to go to work unless it involves sitting or strenuous physical work. As for exercises, they are allowed in limited, not too strenuous form after the initial 2-weeks period of your BBL recovery.

Are Long-Term Results Worth It?

Yes, definitely. Since Brazilian Butt Lift does not involve butt implants or liquid foreign substances which after a time become dangerous and need to be removed or replaced, the results are long-lasting if not permanent.  Approximately 60% of grafts moved with fat transfer to buttocks survive and become permanent parts of your bum. In the worst case, if this not so significant decrease in your buttock augmentation is not welcome, you may decide for a second Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

Brazilian Butt Lift price may vary greatly for a number of factors. Firstly, the same clinic may charge differently, depending on the scope of buttock augmentation and the number of areas in which the liposuction is performed. Additionally, there is a difference between renowned and less-known clinics. Finally, Brazilian Butt Lift prices change from country to country. In Western Europe or the USA, the cost of buttock augmentation with Brazilian Butt Lift technique will be higher than in Turkey, Poland, Spain, India, and other health tourism destinations. As an example, Brazilian Butt Lift price in Turkey is thought to be 2.900 € on average, while in the USA the same bum lift procedure will set us back between 6.700 and 8.400 €. For this reason, many people prefer to have their fat transfer to buttocks type of butt lift done in clinics abroad – even including the costs of travel and accommodation, we are able to save some money without losing on quality of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

If you are interested in Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, you can contact with many clinics through our website, and choose the one you like best. You can also see patient reviews, clinic’s information, and before and after pictures.


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